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Meet Ade Hassan,Nigerian Entrepreneur Who Got Inspired By Her Viral Photo To Start Lingerie Business

Motivation can be drawn from anything, even things you sometimes count as irrelevant, Nigerian Ade Hassan kick started her lingerie and hosiery business after a photo of her products went viral on social media.

The Nigerian-born, London based entrepreneur quit her banking job and decided to do something for herself, taking after her parents who are both entrepreneurs.

She created the business, born from her constant hassle in getting a lingerie that would complement her wardrobe and black skin color and decided to go with the idea, knowing that she couldn’t be the only one who had this dilemma.

After posting a photo of her Nubian skin or ‘nude colored’ lingerie on social media in 2014, she was amazed at the amount of attention it caught. She gained one thousand followers in a week and attracted over thirty five thousand notes on tumblr. In less than a month, her followers grew to over twenty thousand.

In an interview, she expressed her shock over the sudden turn of events. “It was insane! Because we didn’t have products to sell yet, we didn’t even have a proper website setup”. In a smart move, she put up a sign up form for people to get more information, as well as receive an official launch email, making one of the smartest decisions she could have done for the business.

Ade Hassan
Ade Hassan

Three years after, the brand offers lingerie, hosiery and shies in four color ways – berry, cinnamon, caramel and cafe au lait.

She not only displayed creativity but also tactfulness in handling the millions of fans into becoming potential customers.

Today, she is a proud owner of *Nubian skin lingerie and hoisery* through perseverance, hard work and creativity.

Dear entreprenuers, read thia once again to learn one or two things from Ade Hassan’s entepreneurship journey.

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