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Meet 12-Year-Old Athlete Who Runs Two Businesses Successfully In Georgia

Twelve year old Georgia star athlete Demetrius Purvis II who has proven to be unique among his peers currently manages two businesses; a cloth line and an airfreshener brands.

Demetrius also published and launched a children’s book recently.

The multi talented and business driven 12-year-old currently plays football at the Georgia Elite Sports Academy and earns straight A’s at The Luella Middle School in Henry County. His coach at the academy, Eddie Grant, stated “He’s a total player, a great teammate,” Grant said. “He’s very focused, laser-focused, very humble, but a student of the game. He wants to always be better.”

he told 11Alive in an interview that though people who are older than him own businesses, at 12 he also owns his own business.

On top of being a star athlete, Purvis II also reportedly makes money as an entrepreneur. He currently has a clothing line, a line of air fresheners, and recently released his first book titled, “All Through the Game”–something he worked on while his peers were busy playing video games and hanging out with friends. The book’s catchy title, he explained, is meant to be recited the same way as the popular children’s song “Wheels On The Bus” (1937). Purvis II added that it’s meant to help kids with their motor skills and interpersonal skills

Purvis II reportedly began his newest venture during the pandemic.
“He actually started at age 9, two years ago. I would see him draw football men. His mom, Calnetra said has always had passion to publish a book and among the pre-teen’s impressive accomplishments and goals, his ultimate dream is to take his football talents to the big league.
Pulvis II said “When he grow up, he wants to be an NFL player and have a business,”

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