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MCM- Our Man Crush Is Walter Emiedafe

Today we have our eyes on Walter Emiedafe, the CEO of Sapient Vendors, a Nigerian fast growing construction company.

Walter Emiedafe was recently listed among the 360 African Companies in the Companies to inspire Africa report by the London Street Exchange Group.

In addition to this, his company was also selected as one of the top 100 fastest-growing SMEs in Nigeria by Business Day Media.

Walter’s  organisation has grown such that due consultations are conducted from the three-odd executive directors to arrive at a decision, thereby allowing each director to share his perspective on specific situations to reduce blind spots.What this implies is that each executive member understands that the organisation’s vision and goal supersede any individual interest.

It is clear that Sapient Vendors is making great impact in the business world.

We Celebrate Walter Emiedafe

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