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MCM- Our Man Crush Is Henri Nyakarundi

Today we are crushing on an African entreprenuer who is passionate about solving problems faced on the continent, he is Henri Nyakarundi

Henri is the CEO/Founder of Ared Group , a company he founded due to his findings about the stress people in Burundi pass through to get their phone charged in 2013 and this led to the development of an innovative kiosk that solves that problem and makes life easier for them. Few years later, this idea of his evolved into a 2-in-1 smart Kiosk which will solves both charging and connectivity issues for Rwandans. This innovation is the first of its kind in Africa.

The passionate entrepreneur who has been an entrepreneur for close to 20 years moved back from the United States to Rwanda in December 2012 to start this impactful project as he believes in focusing on social gain with entrepreneurship.

Speaking on his idea, he said “I developed this concept towards the end of 2008 and it was driven by my observation when I was travelling frequently to visit my family in Burundi. As at that time people still had huge problem charging their cellphone, so I made research on solutions to this but most of the available solutions were consumable products, like a charging devices that you have to carry with you, then i discovered that it will be great to have a kiosk that allows people to charge wherever they find themselves even without having a charging device on them.

I started the business in Rwanda in 2013, the business evolved and today, we are a tech company, so our product is now a smart kiosk. It is not just solving charging problem but also connectivity issues for Rwandans.

The idea is to revolutionize the way distribution of digital services and connectivity is done. so, we still do phone charging on this kiosk , we also do wifi, and digital services, this makes the concept a 2-in-1 solution provider.

We realised that the market is very fragmented, there is a poor distribution of services in low income areas therefore combining our services on one platform, will save people’s time, and also make it convenient for them.

So they can charge their phone, and at the same time have access to the internet WiFi, and offline digital contents that are educational and informative. They can also buy digital services like airtime, mobile money, all are from one platform.”

We love this idea of his and we celebrate him for the impact he is making in Rwanda which is he ready to take to other African country.

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