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MCM- Our Man Crush Is Dr. Charles Batte

Our man crush is an Ugandan entrepreneur, he created an innovative app called ‘‘Wulira’‘ App, which will make it easy to assess hearing loss in at-risk patients.

Guess who? No othe than Dr. Charles Batte.

The award winning African entrepreneur is one worth celebrating for his innovative mindset which breeds amazing solutions.He was once celebrated for his initiative called Tree Adoption Uganda (TAU), a youth-led social enterprise that works to jointly address the challenges of youth unemployment and climate change. His most recent amazing idea is Wulira App.

Speaking on the motivation behind his invention, the 31 year old entrepreneur said his experience at the time he had his masters degree training led him to develop ‘‘Wulira’‘ App.

‘‘During my Masters’ degree training in public health, I worked extensively with patients with multi-drug resistant tuberculosis at Mulago hospital. And for patients that have taken these drugs that cause hearing loss, the World Health Organization requires that they have monitoring done every month to assess their hearing ability. To do this you require a pure tone audiometer machine, you require an audiologist, you require a sound proof room. And one of the problems that our program has is inability to have all these services across the country. So we came up with the idea of developing a mobile phone application that can bring this service closer to the people; to the last mile that do not have access to hospitals like Mulago where they can have hearing testing done on a monthly basis’‘, he said.

‘‘The Wulira App was selected as one of the successful innovations in the health sector and it was seen to have such importance in supporting patients with hearing loss, and we felt it would help to bridge the gap in quickly identifying some patients who are losing hearing. The ICT ministry has also supported the team by giving references, by giving connections, by connecting them to ministry of health and ensuring that this Wulira app is adopted in health centers like its currently happening at a pilot phase, and in future, we hope to work with the team to see that its deployed around, through Uganda and possibly exported to other markets’‘, said Kenneth Bagarukayo commissioner at Uganda’s Ministry of Information and Communications Technology.

The ‘‘Wulira App’‘ was selected among the top ten tech-start-ups at the 2018 world health summit.

We Celebrate Dr Charles.

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