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MCM – Our Man Crush Is Chris Kwekowe

Our MCM today is a highly rated young Nigerian Entrepreneur, technology consultant and most notably the founder and CEO of Satecube. He sees the average young African as a global force to be reckoned with and his tenets are embedded in his effort to make ICT the propeller on which the former thrives.

A core alumnus of Nnamdi Azikiwe University where he studied computer science, before heading to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to complete a course on Global Entrepreneurship, Business Administration Management and Operations.

Chris Kwekowe birthed Slatecube, a social enterprise to upgrade Africa’s workforce by solving the constrains of e-learning and providing virtual internship opportunities and employment for its users.

Chris who turned down job offers from Microsoft, and Google to build a world class business with his now 20-year-old brother, Emerald Kwekowe, in the last quarter of 2014 won the 2015 Anzisha Prize which came with a $25,000 reward which helped both brothers fund their start-up by freelancing as web designers and running a software solutions firm on the side.

According to reports, the platform has an 80 percent employment rate for its users. And have saved companies over $100,000 in hiring skilled, ready to work employees.

The 23-year-old spends time shuffling the United States and Nigeria negotiating deals with investors and partnering with big tech multinationals like Microsoft, Intel, and Google.

Also, Slatecube has been expanding it’s reach to other African countries like Ghana, South Africa, and Kenya, in line with Kwekowe’s vision to expand his start-up across Africa.

Today, we celebrate a tech savvy and an amazing entrepreneur who has not just impacted the African tech world but has also created a lot of opportunities for youths like himself to thrive in today’s society. Greater heights Chris!

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