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MCM- Our Man Crush Is Cameroon’s Bongajum Lesley

We love people who are passionate about solving problems, Bongajum Lesley Ndzi is one of them so we are crushing on him today.

For a young man who was frustrated by the high rate of power cuts when growing up as a student and this led him to create the Bonga Power Bike to light up Africa, we can only be impressed!

The award-winning entrepreneur who witnessed the first-hand effects of frequent power cuts while he was schooling in Cameroon and even after he established Bonga Juice Bar, took it up upon himself to proffer a solution to the electricity crisis in Africa as a whole.

Having realized that he could convert the mechanical energy generated while pedaling into electricity, Bongajum embarked upon actualizing his idea and has today created the Bonga Power Bike.

A bike which converts mechanical energy generated when pedaling into electrical energy and stores it in a battery. The stored energy, he says, can then be used for lighting homes, charging phones, power fans, and energy-saving television among other things.

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