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MCM- Our Man Crush Is Andile Msani

Today we are crushing on a 22-year-old South African entrepreneur , Andile Msani whose zeal for taking care of his environment led him to developing a Waste management app called Waste App.

The  graduate of Information System Engineering whose great connection to managing waste and recycling processes in his province led into establishing a waste management company and also developing an application, Waste App that  pitches waste and recycling issues for mobile discussion, regardless of where and what one is doing at a particular moment, it is now easy to participate in recycling processes, get paid or make payment for wastes and also reach out to people within one’s immediate community about waste management.

This young and passionate eco-preneur has  done a lot of projects within his academic background such as Point of Sales systems, Web designing and so on, but his great connection to his waste management business and desire to help his community and the world   manage waste properly is what propelled him to stay on track despite the challenges he has been facing so as there can be no success without story.

With his company registered in March 2018, he commenced operation in September, working alone in cooperation with primary and high schools where he’s always collect wastes materials and moving it to companies into productions relating to those items such as Central Waste, Scrap Metals who recycles it into products useful for the society. In his day to day activities of collecting wastes such as paper, plastics and aluminums from schools within his province, he discovered the issues with waste management in his environment as something that has to do with the individuals disposition to waste management.

In a bid to ease his operation, and also reduce various pollution and the greenhouse effects that arises from people keeping waste within the environment for days before being able to dispose it, he was greatly concern by this problem and in his bid to proffer solution to this problem, he developed an application that serves as a platform you people where people who participate in recycling to do it for a living, the platform serves to help people who are not interested in recycling to have their wastes collated, sorted and recycled, and it also includes a wallet feature where those that participated in recycling processes will receive their tokens or pay for their wastes.

The application also come with a discovery feature where one can locate the closest waste management office. And also an interactive platform where it is possible to chat with people across communities, the very essence of this was to have people’s collective involvement in the waste management process and also ease the collation of wastes on the same day rather than having neighbours requesting for collations on different days, this app will help people within the same area discover themselves and work together to have a clean and waste-free environment.

The South African entrepreneur is currently a participant in the Total Startupper of the year competition, we wish him success and celebrate his great initiative.

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