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MCM: Our Crush Is Opeyemi Famakin, Nigeria’s Biggest Food & Wine Critic

Opeyemi Famakin aka Commissioner of Enjoyment is a food journalist, Nigeria’s biggest food critic and content strategist. He is a food savvy and a skilled writer.

Opeyemi Famakin has become one of the most famous food critic in the country from his continuous and unwavering review of major/minor restaurants and drink outlets

On how he delved into food criticism, talking about food and what his thoughts were on the food/hospitality industry in Nigeria is that food amazes him and he sees it as both art and science. Also, his family travelled a lot for food. Everytime they did he would document his experience and share on social media and give reviews. He said “I didn’t even know that i was being a food critic, all i knew was that i ate awesome food and i wanted to share the information and details with the world”

Speaking on while growing up, he grew up in a household where they didn’t believe that women belonged in the kitchen and they would also go on holidays to different countries just because of the food. The two small acts from my parents(most especially my mum) has contributed to my love of food.

His perception of the food industry in Nigeria and globally is he wished that chefs would cook more Nigerian dishes and reinvent them rather than cook french and italian dishes. If we keep cooking other peoples food, The world would only know of jollof rice. I need Nigerian cuisine to be on the world food map and only chefs can make this happen.

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