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MCM: Our Crush Is Nnaeto Orazulike, Chairman and CEO, Genesis Group

Our Crush for today is Nnaeto Orazulike. He is the Chairman and CEO of Genesis Group.

Nnaeto Orazulike was once a banker in port harcourt before he prompted into his entrepreneurial journey.

He started his business out of dissatisfaction, displeasure, and eagerness because he went on a date with a female friend, after carefully selecting the best restaurant he could find at that time, he was totally dissatisfied by the quality of service in the restaurant which led him to start Genesis Restaurant in Enugu.

Over the years the small company that billionaire Nnaeto Orazulike started in Enugu has grown into a conglomerate and a major contributor to the development of the economy and society at large offering premium service. Genesis group of company now has over 2,500 staffs across the nation.

Genesis group dream big and achieve big by been the parent company to one of your favorite premium cinemas, Genesis cinema as well as Genesis Foods Limited, Genesis Sojourner Limited, Genesis Restaurant Limited; Genesis Hub Limited, Genesis Technical Company Limited, Stanchions Logistics Limited,Stanchions Nigeria Limited and a premium estate company in Port Harcourt.

Genesis Group has really strived for greatness and pursuit of its vision “To be a world-class Catering and Hospitality Company with strong Customer Focus”.

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