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MCM – Our Man Crush Is Kelechi Amadi-Obi

Our MCM today is an internationally renowned artist and photograper with a lighthearted and easy-going demeanour, unique sense of style and a master of aesthetics.

Kelechi Amadi-Obi has been described as many things but he definitely is a man with an undying passion and mastery of his art and an uncanny ability to capture visuals are the trademarks that have seen him work with the best brands and organisations.

Kelechi’s excelled despite odds. He is efficiency fueled when determination so much that even while his parents were very much against his career choice of lights and cameras he was tirelessly pursuing his dream.

Growing up in Umuahia under the parentage of a high court judge and an educationist, a young Amadi-Obi found himself completely obsessed with drawing and making art.

Although his family only recognised two professions: law and medicine so he had to study Law.

Despite all of this Kelechi never
stopped dreaming, knowing that he could thrive like some of the “mythical” renaissance artists like Leonardo da Vinci and Picasso that he loved to read about he kept pushing.

Today, Kelechi boasts of a vast portfolio in Fashion, Corporate Adverts, Achitecture, Places, People and Painting photography and has worked closely with major fashion houses and the media in Nigeria as well as notable celebrities.

Kelechi Amadi –Obi has received numerous awards and accolades home and abroad.

Today we celebrate a legend whose creates stunning works using every aspect of our society as a canvas.

Kudos Mr Kelechi Amadi-Obi

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