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MaxinAFRICA is Helping Businesses in Diaspora Expand to Africa Easily

Doing business successfully in Africa, especially as investors who are not residents of Africa, is difficult. The endless procedures of licensure, complying with the ever changing corporate policies of African governments, coping with the unpredictable African markets, getting the appropriate workforce, maintaining the operation of the business without running bankrupt among others are great impediments blocking Africans in diaspora and foreign investors from making moves to establish businesses in Africa but  guess what? MaxinAFRICA has unique solutions to these challenges.

 It is obvious that these issues do not only affect the expansion of businesses to Africa, but also impede the economic buoyancy of Africa since the low level of investments had resulted into mass unemployment, low per capital income and low human capital indexes, and since then, there is need for Africa and Africans to look into initiatives capable of promoting business expansion by removing the barriers in business establishment especially for businesses by Africans in diaspora and foreign investors. It will also be another addendum if there are entities that are indigenous and comprising of Africans that can come in to help the expansion plan of businesses in diaspora, this will not only help business expansions, it will also help Africa entrepreneurs and reduce unemployment that is currently the household name in Africa.

Tem Adeyemo

This drove US based Nigerian entrepreneur Tem Adeyemo to think outside the box on how best to address the plight of Africa relating to the establishment of businesses by Africans in diaspora and  expansion of businesses in diaspora to Africa.

Based on his business acumen,  vast experience in working with legislators and interactions with Africans who have successful businesses in diaspora, he discovered problems that has to do with the economic growth of Africa and in his ceaseless effort to help in establishing new businesses in Africa’s promising sectors and expanding businesses in diaspora to Africa compliantly and successfully, he founded an expansion service enterprise known as MaxinAFRICA.

Talking to Espact Olamide Balogun, MaxinAFRICA’s Director of Finance and Operations, said MaxinAFRICA is an entity with passion for Africa and business execution,  established in 2016 with the major preoccupation of helping Africans in diaspora and foreign investors to discover and invest in Africa’s most promising sectors  while also assisting businesses in diaspora to expand to Africa without hassle. People will no longer need to travel to Nigeria or Ghana, spending weeks or perhaps months, researching and conducting market feasibility studies, fulfilling various corporate procedures and others, obtaining various licenses and certificates to operate and still wasting more than enough time trying to set up business entities or expanding existing businesses in diaspora to Africa, instead, MaxinAFRICA through its team of professional and result-driven business researcher will assist in conducting market research within the shortest frame of time and will recommend appropriately on the most promising sectors for you to invest in (for new businesses), he added.

For existing businesses in diaspora seeking to expand to Africa, MaxinAFRICA will help in handling every aspect of setting up the business without requiring the businesses to transfer their manpower to Africa to kick off the expansion sites as MaxinAFRICA team of professional talent managers and recruiters will help to employ competent and appropriately skilled workforce  and ensure the Africa expansion operates in tandem with the culture and values of the business.

Tem Adeyemo with MaxinAFRICA’s Director of Finance and Operations, Olamide Balogun

Rather than spending huge amount of money on supervision and operational management by travelling across shores to monitor or check the progress of businesses in Africa, Africans in diaspora and foreign investors can also employ the service of teams of astute managers, auditors and business strategists of MaxinAFRICA to monitor the operation of their businesses localized in Africa and also get comprehensive reports on frequent intervals.

One of the businesses, MaxinAFRICA helped with expansion is Medilifeline, a company established in Asia to server emerging markets without the access to affordable cutting-edge solutions for managing health information and patient records.

After recording a great success in Asia, Medilifeline was ready to launch in Nigeria, which is  one of Africa’s largest markets, they needed to make this happen as quick as possible without spending outrageous budget, so Sanjeev Rana and Michael Akindele, the senior executives of the company got to know about  MaxinAFRICA’s services and  partnered with them to achieve their expansion goal.

Within few weeks, MaxinAFRICA ensured Medilifeline could operate compliantly under the law in Nigeria. They helped Medilifeline to hire a competent workforce, and provided the necessary facilities, infrastructure and technology for the team to be successful. 

Today Medilifeline supports over 20,000 patients visit, this is a remarkable growth which we commend MaxinAFRICA for.

For business owners looking to improve their operations, MaxinAFRICA offers an unparalleled consulting program such as Enterprise Risk Management and Auditing. Both are based on market researches and latest findings that will help businesses make decisions for future survival.

Tem Adeyemo with Ibrahim Awal, Ghana’s Minister of Business Development at African Union

Now business owners will no longer need to doubt the chances of their businesses flourishing in Africa, or strive endlessly to manage their businesses expanded to Africa, as MaxinAFRICA is readily available in Africa and North America to manage businesses in Africa on behalf of Africans in diaspora and foreign investors.

We love what MaxinAFRICA is doing in Africa!

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