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This Mauritanian Doctor Just Made Tooth Extraction Easier With His Solar Dental Device

Somewhere across the globe an individual comes up with a unique concept daily, and we are always out to celebrate them. Mahfoudh Mohamed Ebbatt is one of those individuals.

Doctor Mahfoudh_Mohamed_Ebbatt
Doctor Mahfoudh Mohamed Ebbatt

The doctor and researcher of Mauritanian nationality was recently featured on BBC for his inventing a dental device that works with solar energy. The patent of creation was issued to him for the moment by the only state of Sudan, it is in this country, in fact, that he achieved the feat.

According to our BBC colleagues who relay the explanation of Mahfoudh Mohamed Ebbatt, this device allows ” to remove the root with the least effort and quickly without damaging the surrounding tissue .” It also helps to prevent bleeding and does not require surgery to remove the broken or buried root.
The other peculiarity of this device set up by the Mauritanian doctor-researcher is its ability to operate using solar energy. It is best suited to extract roots from broken teeth.

This device, which is 10 centimeters long, has a cylindrical shape and has removable and movable heads of different sizes (15 to 24 mm). It has the shape of a spiral. The author of this important invention is a graduate of the Faculty of Oral Medicine at Khartoum International African University.

We Celebrate Doctor Mahfoudh Mohamed Ebbatt

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