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Managing Your Time As An Entrepreneur 

Managing one’s time as an entrepreneur is one of the ways to deliver quality products and services to your clients. 

Some days, targets are met. Some other days, you cannot tell where the time went. And it seems like it gets increasingly difficult to meet your goals every time. Does this sound like you? Read on. 

Some entrepreneurs do not see the need to do things on time as they believe that they are in control and not answerable to any boss,little do they know that the real boss is TIME. 

And for some, working 24 hours is their “Pride”. Well, that in itself is a problem as one needs to live a balanced life to include work, family, socialization, relaxation, etc. When all these are missing, then that’s the road to poor time management. 

Why should you manage your time as an entrepreneur?

If you are an entrepreneur scaling for growth then you must learn how to maximize your time because every second is formidable and if properly used would in turn bear much fruit for you and for the business. 

Here are five ways you can manage your time as an entrepreneur:

  1. Schedule every of your tasks: Per time, per day, per week. Learn to schedule your tasks so as to properly plan what activities take your time and when it does. You can make use of alarms, notes and even calendars on your mobile device. 
  1. Delegate: this can also be a great time management tool. Are there tasks that can be done by others on your team? Then, delegate. This is sometimes hard as it may feel like the person assigned may not attain perfection with it but resolve to only perform supervisory functions in certain situations so as to allow you time for other things. 
  1. Prioritize: At the start it may seem like everything requires your presence and attention at the same time but learn to prioritize. Know what should be done FIRST, determine what should be done NEXT and also decide what should be done THEREAFTER. This way, you do not do every task at the same time. At a certain hour of the day, you are able to tell what’s next. Prioritization can take the following shapes: Important, very important, and most important. In this order, you can tell what should be done. 
  1. Create time for the unexpected: Unplanned tasks are not a rarity and truthfully, you cannot tell when the next emergency would be. So, you have to plan your time to include sudden changes and emergency situations. 
  1. Audit your time: Just as your business needs an auditor/accountant to go through the books, it is also important for you to audit your time. It’s not enough to plan your time and schedule your activities, you must be able to critically examine how much time is REALLY spent on every activity. This is to checkmate whether you are overspending time in some tasks or not. 

Are you managing your time effectively and efficiently?

Managing your time efficiently as an entrepreneur will make you meet targets and deadlines, improve your efficiency and overall make your productive. 

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Written by Faith Paulinus

A Content Writer. Law Graduate. Social Media Manager.

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