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Major Social Media Platforms Business Owners Should Tap Into

Social media is key in developing a business brand image. It goes without saying that if you are not utilizing social media platforms for your business, there is major leverage that is being missed out on.

Usually, business owners restrict their brands to other platforms asides from Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp which are popular and most commonly used.

Below is a breakdown of each of the major social media platforms and how they should be used for business.

This platform has become an absolute best over the past couple of years and the content output from content creators has been exponentially increasing. The number one way to get viewers and followers on this platform is by posting consistent content along with TikTok’s trends that can be found on the Tik Tok trending page.

Personal and business brands should find unique angles to give value in their industry that coincides with the Tik Tok trend and gives real value about world events, money, and wealth in a TikTok-friendly format. 

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LinkedIn began as just a place to have an online resume, but it has evolved into a platform as big and similar to Facebook. LinkedIn is a major place that every business professional should be with a profile and should be posting content as much as possible!

The type of content that should be posting is written and video content of short lessons learned, updates to your job or profession, mentor advice, knowledge of upgrading your life and anything brings a connection to you and your business.

This platform has become the biggest social media platform since it’s beginning in 2005 and since it’s owned by Google now it will most likely be around the longest. It’s the platform that has completely taken over TV. And with Google behind it, video is becoming the most powerful search engine result. This is why the most important aspect of YouTube videos is SEO (Search Engine Optimization.)

There is so much content that is published on YouTube daily that it’s much more than good quality content that will get you views and subscribers. In fact, it has become customary that the content posted on YouTube is always of the highest caliber. The important aspect of creating a YouTube video is to reverse engineer your content from filming to publishing. You should be creating every video with the YouTube title at the top of your mind. The YouTube title should be very strategic and targeting search-friendly titles that will gain a lot of search traffic over the long term.


Twitter is like a massive unfiltered news outlet. A lot of very political influencers are heavily on Twitter because it’s an easy way to publish updates and give their thoughts on situations with a simple Tweet. Hence, you have to be creative with your tweets to deliver the exact message as it is intended

Don’t shy away from using other social media rather study it and understand their strengths. Upon understanding, you only need to know the twist and trends of how to be visibly projected. So start now and your brand will grow in no time.

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