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What We Love About ‘This Is Nigeria’ By Falz

Late on Friday May 25, 2018, Nigerians were hit by a video by award-winning rapper and actor, FalzTheBahdGuy. He titled it “This is Nigeria”. A cover of the critically acclaimed “This is America” by American musician Childish Gambino, the song touches on the ills that have beset Nigeria as it prepares for another Democracy Day.

We love the fact that Falz took no prisoners nor minced words as he painted a painful but true picture of what Nigeria is now. A picture that would, at the very least, lead to the discussion of Nigeria’s ills and how to go about solving them.

This is moreso as the election season bears down on us and the rumblings of voter apathy as aided by the difficulty in getting a Permanent Voters Card (PVC). Voter apathy won’t save us. We get the leaders we vote in. Refusal to partake in the political process is a decision with far reaching consequences. With a song and a video like this, Nigerians are given visual, albeit less graphic, representations of what they are going through daily. They, and they only, can put an end to the cycle. Discuss it and be involved in the political process; be it as a contestant or a voter.

Starting out with the medical facilities, Falz pointed out how poor they are. He goes on to point out that the Nigerian system is rotten and would continue to support “corruption institutionalists”.

With the refrain “This is Nigeria” and “Everybody be Criminal”, he wonders how an animal can be accused of having stolen N36 million and how politicians who rob the treasury remain out of prison.

“Police Station dey close by 6,security reason o”. This would be funny if it wasn’t so sad. The institution saddled with the responsibility of safeguarding lives and property is closing early “for security reasons”.

From corruption, to poor security, Falz went next to erratic power supply, to this government’s insensitive comment, calling Nigerian youths lazy;

“your people are still are working multiple jobs, you talk say we lazy o,” he crooned.

Drug addiction, Fulani herdsmen menace, Yahoo Yahoo, Chinook Girls, SARS exploitation of Nigerians were topics in this profound video.

He didn’t spare the Church. The place of spiritual upliftment. A place where a university built by money gathered from poor congregationers is closed to them because they can’t afford it.

With 900,000 views since Friday, the accolades keep coming in with rap legend and business mogul P Diddy joining in the applause.

Taking to his Instagram page, the music icon reposted clips from the video via Falz’s official Instagram page on Saturday May 26, 2018. He praised the song, praised Falz for the good work and declared it would get repeat play on Revolt TV.

As you vibe to this song and hail Falz for the message, take a decision to be as brave as he is and also shine the light on the evil practices and ills that are holding Nigeria back from development. This is Nigeria and it is ours to fix or watch degenerate to our peril.

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