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Let’s Talk About Branding: An Interview With A Brand Consultant, Bola Banwo

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Today, we have with us a beautiful and very hard-working lady who has taken branding business by storm in Nigeria. She is the founder of a unique and creative corporate branding agency, Geneza Brands, a Brand Consultant and a Logo Artist. Join me in welcoming the beautiful Bola Banwo…

In this interview, she provided great insights on how BRANDING can help grow your business into an enterprise. Do get a pen and notebook. You may need to take notes. Enjoy!

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1. Who is Bola Banwo?
I’m an enthusiastic Brand Consultant and Logo artist who has handled a lot of branding and re-branding projects in the past few years.

2. Tell us about your family ethnicity and education..

I’m from Lagos state and I’m second to the last child of a large family of 9.

As a child, I fell in love with Art and excelled in Art oriented subjects, because of how much I loved Art, I was convinced it was the right career path for me and I pursued it . I studied Mass Communication in Lagos state university but majored in Public Relations and Advertising.

3.‎ Basically, branding helps build an organisation’s wish image , would you as a Brand Consultant say ‘Branding’ has contributed a large percentage to high patronage of some top companies in Nigeria?

Yes, I can confidently say that branding has contributed to the high patronage of many companies in Nigeria and abroad too. Some brands are known to lie to their customers; others are known to be slow and ineffective but with the help of good branding some are known and respected for their credibility, strength and accountability .

4. What is branding? Mention few of the ethics you work with as a brand consultant?

Apart from the textbook definition of branding as a name, term, sign, symbol, or design intended to identify or differentiate the goods or services of one seller from the others, I’m of the opinion that branding is way deeper than that; i believe branding is everything, branding is how you pack your hair in the morning, how you tie your shoe laces, how you smile, walk and relate with others. Your brand is basically who others perceive you to be.

So you see the identity of an organisation is key to gaining the confidence of others. If the identity of an organisation is destroyed due to negligence on their part you can be sure that every product carrying their logo and name will go down with them as well. That’s why top brands like Coca-Cola protect their identity. I would also like to add that a corporate brand identity is like a child; it is born, nurtured and then taught certain principles to uphold. So like I said earlier it’s deeper than just the textbook definition.

A Genezabrand's work
A Genezabrand’s work

My ethics; I love simplicity and I am of the opinion that simplicity is sophistication and the highest form of quality and standard. I love the quote “simplicity is the highest form of sophistication” by Leonardo da vinci. I hate mediocrity; i rather not do a job than deliver low quality to my clients because I would also want to protect my corporate brand identity and integrity.

Baby wrap sample by Geneza Brands

5. What role does creativity play in your profession? What’s your typical day like?

I believe creativity is 80% of brand consulting while credibility and intelligence occupies the remaining.
I don’t know but I think I’m bit of a workaholic , because I spend every minute of the day in front of a big screen designing but if I’m not doing that I’m probably watching an animation and if I’m not doing that I’m dancing in front of my mirror …hahaah just kidding…

6. Let’s deviate a little from branding to designing.. what Inspires you to design? Is there any connection between designing and branding?
Bola’s Drawing

Apart from God who inspires me to design I believe designing and creating things is what I was born to do… and it runs in the family I have a brother who paints and my dad makes architectural sketches as well.
Designing and branding are like the two sides of a coin, they work pari-passu. A brand consultant must understand design, form and colour….

7. Yes! You founded Geneza Brands.. What led to the initiative?


I realized how much I love doing what I do and so I decided to start up my own company. I derive joy from making my clients happy. They are usually amazed with the results my organisation provides too.

8. What stands Geneza Brands out?‎

At Geneza Brands it’s not only just about doing business, it’s also about building a long lasting relationship with our clients , sharing their dreams ,aspirations and even their challenging times with them.

‎9. How long have you being into branding?

I have been designing for many years but started corporate branding about three years ago.
geneza brands website design
Geneza Brands’ client website design sample

10. What are the up hill tasks in branding?

Branding is easy when the client has a preconceived idea and is able to explain it to us; it becomes difficult when the client doesn’t even have an idea of what he/she wants but tells you “ just design something “ . But over time we have been able to conquer this challenge by proving good consulting services to help clients understand and bring their imaginations to life. So even if the client has no ideas in mind we creatively come up with design samples he or she can pick from and everyone goes home happy.

Geneza Brands’ Card design
Brochure designed by Geneza Brands

11. Your role model(s)..

I respect Fabio Sasso’s designs. He’s a Senior Designer at Google based in San Francisco, California. He’s also the co-founder of Abduzeedo.
Also AKQA, a digital agency that specializes in creating digital services and products. AKQA has offices in Europe, North America, South America and Asia.

geneza brands atlanatic hall banners
Geneza Brands’ design

12. ‎Your words to aspiring brand consultants and youths?

There is no easy way to success; with God, hard work and dedication nothing will be impossible to accomplish.

Thanks for your time Bola…

Connect with Bola Banwo and see more of her designs on
Geneza Brands Number : +2348104957746

Instagram: @genezabrands

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