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Let’s Learn From Nikola Tesla,The Innovator Elon Musk Named His Electric Car After

The owner of the Popular Electric car “Tesla”, Elon Musk named the Company and car after a man, Nikola Tesla.

The Late Nikola Tesla, a Serbian-American, died 1943 but still has his footprint on great inventions used in modern day. Tesla innovations was decade ahead of him and seem impossible as at that time, but lacked the financial resources.

He should have been more notable and rich compared to how he was. Nikola Tesla developed the AC electric power used by almost everyone today as well as other inventions that provides comfort and automation in present day life.

A Man with great vision, determination and skill, those words and more should be used to describe Nikola Tesla. He worked for the likes of Thomas edison, which was controversial as his idea was almost taken from him without being paid.

In quest for greatness, he sold some of his patent right to George Washington, and almost brokered a deal with that would have made him a billionaire but the deal fell out, due to the controversies surrounding his alternating current motor invention.

Nikola Tesla worked on several unimaginable projects throughout is lifetime like: The Earthquake Machine, The Thought Camera, The Death Ray, Wireless Energy Transmission and so on.

His Latter days was spent penniless but this did not stop him, he kept on working on projects till his death bed.

The popularity and wealth of Nikola Tesla is not as deserved but, his name would never be forgotten, because he was a never relenting man.

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