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Let’s Learn From Mike Adenuga’s Life Journey

Chief Mike Adenuga is a Nigerian billionaire businessman, he is the fourth richest person in Africa. His company Globacom is Nigeria’s second-largest telecom operator and also has a presence in Ghana and Benin.

Mike Adenuga is also businessman who single-handedly runs a group of companies that occupies the top twenty companies slot in Nigeria.

Here are great lessons to learn from Mike Adenuga’s life journey

Focus On What Works For You And Not What Others Say:

Mike Adenuga follows his own rules in business; he has developed business models, he went for per-second billing, he ran a fiber optic cable from Europe to Nigeria when others said it would not be possible. The lesson here is that you should listen to experts but practice what gives you great results.

Select Your Management Team:

lesson here is that there are things you do not need to alert the public about. Every business must suffer loss at some point and you must accept some damages and maintain your reputation in silence.

Prepare Your Children To Take Over Your Business:

Currently, Mike Adenuga has two of his children as executive directors and they have been trained to manage the business. The lesson here is to train your children so that they can move your business to a better level even after you are gone.

Never Join In On Gossips:

There are so many gossips about Mike Adenuga but you will never hear any that he has joined in. it takes lots of courage to be able to ignore some things. The lesson here is that you should master the art of walking away from things when people expect you to step right in.

Use The People You Can Work with:

When Mike began his business, he had Nigerian executives but when he wasn’t getting good results from them, he switched to foreigners. The lesson here is that if you do not get the results you want from people you have, try other people and compare the results.

Have Faith In What You Do:

Mike has accomplished projects that some people wouldn’t want to undertake. The lesson here does not limit yourself to small businesses. Think big and have faith in achieving.

Understand Politics:

Mike Adenuga has mastered the art of political economics like most millionaires. He doesn’t support a party openly, but you see politicians appreciating him. The lesson here is never to single yourself out from the politics of your association or community, play a part in any organization whose decisions can affect your business.

Always Start Your Business With Experienced Workers:

Do not start a new business with novice employees, employ trained people. Study other companies and how their challenges and follow their strategies.

Showcase Your Business Than Yourself:

Mike Adenuga is the owner of Glo, but most people do not know him. The lesson here is to make your business more important.

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