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Let’s Get Your Brand Into Limelight

Can you handle your story being visible to our more than one million  audience in over twenty countries such as United States, United Kingdom , Dubai, Rwanda, Kenya, Nigeria , Ireland and more Or getting over 1000 customers monthly from across the world ? 

Some of the countries we cover

Yes! that’s what we provide for our clients, whatever business or what your brand does we bring it to limelight to attract the right traffic and audience on our website.

Espact is a leading innovative digital and technology company in Nigeria. With our media platform  where we have featured over 5000 brands across the world and interview public figures like Nobel Laurette Wole Soyinka, Leading Technology Company in Africa, Utiva, Linda Ikeji; Africa’s Leading Blogger, Mr Macaroni ( Prominent comedian in Africa) ,  Yomi Casual ( Leading Fashion designer in Africa)  and more, we can help you create awareness that will help you boost sales, bring your brand and business to limelight to our over a million organic visitors from our website from different countries who are eager to check our sites to get first hand information, news, interviews, trending topics, patronize brands we refer and put up on our website,support brands with consistent sales etc.

Let us bring your brands and business to limelight and let the world see what you do and sell and also patronize your brands to close mega deals as we have top personality, celebrities faces , public figure from all over the world visit our website because of the insightful and impactful  inhouse content we produce and deliver. CHOOSE YOUR VISIBILITY PLAN

United Nations Team Requesting For Our Content

Now This Is For You If:

📍You need that brand awareness to close mega sales and keep your brand up in the eyes of those that matters and those who are hungry for your services

📍You want to make it easy for opportunities to find you – sales,local and global recognition, etc. When they come looking, they will find you easily because you have positioned your business and brand with well-detailed features about you and your work.

📍You want to expose your business, brand to a wide audience   of over a million organic traffic both in Nigeria and outside Nigeria beyond your own network and social media reach. The internet is bigger than IG /Facebook/Twitter, it is time to leverage the traffic of other media platforms like us.

📍You want to register your brand in people’s minds by writing captivating content, brand stories that make readers recognize and remember you for your service your brand render.
You want your business to be nationally and internationally  recognised  because you deserve it!

📍You want to have international clients patronizing your brands frequently.

📍You want to have your footprints in an online space apart from your social media or website. When people google your brand or the products/services you provide, they will be able to find you on our page audience platform

What We Will Do🔽
📍 A feature of your business and brand will be written and published on our website which has over a million  visitors both home and abroad in over twenty countries such as United States, United Kingdom , Dubai, Rwanda, Kenya, Nigeria , Ireland and more. We are also well ranked on Google due to purchase good contents and SEO.

📍During any of our talk show, interview with popular and top  celebrities, interview with public figures we will give a shout out to your brand both on our live session  and recorded video that will be posted on youtube

📍In-between our talk show, interview with top celebrities and public figures we will have a  video or picture adverts of your brands and business

📍Videos and pictures of your business and brands will be posted  on our Instagram page and stories which has great engagement.

📍The feature will also be posted on Espact Facebook page (feed&stories) which has thousands of followers

📍Your brand’s name will be included in the title of the article we will be publishing. Also, photos/videos of your products/services, your brand’s social media handles, and contact details will be included in the post so people can get to know you and follow your brand which kickstart visibility

📍Also we help  your business and personalities manage public perception and views about what they do.

Where Our Website Traffic Come From
📍Search: Because of the massive work we have done with content over the years, search engines like Google directs high traffic to our website from people from all over the world who are searching for information on products, services, and personalities in Africa and across the world.

📍Social media pages: With  thousands of followers and a very high views, our Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram page has been a powerful source of our website traffic from different countries.

📍Notifications: We have many subscribers on our notification list, they get instant notifications whenever an article is published on the website.

📍Mailing list: We send a periodic mails to all our 50,000 engaging and active subscribers who are from different countries

📍Daily users: People who come to the website every day to read new and old posts (many of our articles are evergreen, so people still spend a lot of time reading them)

📍 Page: Our youtube channel has been a powerful source of out website traffic because of the high valued content we promote there and also we put out engaging Content on our sites e.g the table talk shows( which features top personalities and dignitaries in their fields to discuss trending issues across the world), public figures interview (here we have interviewed top celebrities like Wole Soyinka, Seyi Awolowo, Nike Davies-Okundaye , Linda Ikeji, Yomi Casual, Mr Macaroni) and more well respected public figures.

How To Proceed 🔽

 》Click here to  choose the plan you want a make a payment  (you can choose your preferred currency) or use a local bank transfer using our account details 
» Send payment evidence to or Whatsapp / Telegram +2348081553042
» We will confirm receipt and ask you a few questions to help us put the feature together.
» We will let you know when it will be published.

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