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Let’s Explore Untapped Areas of Agriculture in Nigeria- The Green Hub Founder

Hello World,

Welcome to Temmy Balogun’s Platform,today our spotlight is on Nigerian Agriculture.

One of our readers reached out to us last week with the interest to share his concerns about the untapped areas of agriculture in Nigeria.

His names are Ubah Kenechukwu Tobias. He hails from Imo state, Nigeria. As an entrepreneuer into agriculture in Nigeria, he pointed out areas that government,individuals and philanthropists can channel their fund which will be very beneficial to this country.

He believes the agricultural sector haven’t been given enough attention till present which leads to importing of goods that can be produced by Nigerians if agriculture entreprenuers are well equipped with necessary tools, funds and encouragement. This shortcoming inspired the birth of his agriculture startup called ‘The Green Hub’

Good day Mr Ubah Kenechukwu Tobias, we understand you founded ‘The Green Hub’ tell us more about it

The Green Hubs is an adventurous minded company whose aim isn’t limited to profit making only,but also after exploring many undeveloped areas in agriculture ranging from Cassava plantation and Garri processing which is the first targets,poultry farming, plantain plantation and red oil production but to also help equip, enlighten and create employment opportunities for the youths both in the rural and urban settlement.

As a new business, our short term Goals which are to be achieved within the space of six to twelve months are;
1.To provide quality and affordable products and services that will attract large  scale of consumers of the products.
2.To maintain good economic growth so we can ensure we are able to withstand any economic downturn and ensure financial security and protect the growth of the business from financial risk.
We will utilise every available resources effectively and efficient.
What are the resources needed to explore the untapped areas fully?

By resources, I assumes both funds and equipments/tools.
For Cassava plantation which is what we are going to focus on for a start before exploring any other Agricultural project, hectares/plots of lands will be acquired on lease and cultivation will be done manually to minimise cost.

The Green Hub's farm
The Green Hub’s farm

For Garri processing, processing equipments will be purchased and installed at the plant and all these are expected to cost about 1.5M to 2M.

The Green Hub's farm
The Green Hub’s farm

What role will’The Green Hub’ play in exploring these unexploited areas?What are the supports you need and who do you need them from?

The Green Hubs will be there to manage every aspect of each exploration.
We need financial support in the tune of about 3m to effectively carry out the first phaze of the project and use income generated to continuously explore other ares of Agriculture.

We need this support from government and well meaning individuals who has passion, respect and special interest in Agriculture.
Being a business and profit oriented, we will also welcome any well meaning business man who will partner or invest on the idea.

What will Nigerian economy benefits from the full exploration of these areas?

Our economy will benefit real good.
First is, we are not just going to provide food alone, we will also enlighten and create awareness for youths to embrace Agriculture, pay taxes and help in the growth of the economy.
Our aim is to be among the top employers of Agribusiness in Nigeria which is one of our long term goals. This I believe will lessen the unemployment burden rested upon the shoulders of Nigerian government.

Thanks for sharing with us Mr Ubah Kenechukwu Tobias

In the few questions we asked Mr Ubah he was able to give us detailed information about untapped areas in Nigerian agriculture.

If you’re reading this and wants to venture into agriculture or have funds to invest kindly make a great move now! As doing this will enhance the development of Nigerian economy.

Contact Mr Ubah through his:
Mobile number: 08077306715 or 09020854495
Facebook Business Page: @thegreenhubs 

IG Instagram: @thegreenhubs or @whos_ya_dadi

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