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Lessons From Nigerian Burn Survivor Kechi Okwuchi’s TedX Talk In 2015

Nigerian-American singer and Inspirational speaker Kechi Okwuchi, who was in Sosoliso Airlines plane crash that killed 107 of the 109 passengers on board, 13 years ago, once gave a powerful Ted Talk in Euston where she shared impactful tips  and we will love you to read and be inspired with.

Kechi’s speech was very insightful, it’s been three years but the invaluable lessons in it for contemporary women should be forgotten.

Here Are Five Key Lessons From Her Talk To Motivate Women And Girls Are:
1. If life has dealt you blows that came with scars as an attendant consequence, scars you have to wear for a lifetime, you must understand that, your scars do not have the power to define you. Only you have the power to define yourself.

2. You are first an individual before you are anything else. Refuse to allow society label you.

“I feel like when we’re born, God gives us all these paths before us, but then society tends to close up these paths even though they mean well. But just imagine if every young person, every young girl, was given the option to explore her true passions without the burden of expectation or direction, a new different society would definitely emerge.”

3. Marriage shouldn’t be elevated as the highest most defining thing in your life. Your worth as a woman should not be tied to your ability to ‘get and keep a man’.

“We have young girls who are taught by society expectations that their worth is based off of marriage”

4. Know yourself and know your vision.

5. It is your passions that give rise to the vision you have for your life.


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