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Lessons From Gokada Founder, Fahim Selah’s Life Journey

Fahim Selah a “Techpreneur” who founded Gokada, a bike hailing and delivery service company in Lagos that brought diversification and class to the bike transport system popularly called “Okada” in Nigeria died on the 14th July, 2020 in New York.

The 33-year-old CEO, from his tender age had innovative ideas which his parents supported. In his strive to boost the financial strength of his family led him into coding of apps, his first company in high school generated over one million dollars in revenue. Currently his name is associated with different innovations and companies around the world.

In the African space, Fahim selah was a dogged entrepreneur. He started Gokada in 2017 fully and within few years of operation he was able to raise about $5.3 million in venture capital by 2019 despite the financial setback experienced initially. Gokada expanded their bike hailing service with more biker and drivers around the city of Lagos.

In 2020, the government of Lagos state imposed a ban on bikes which affected his company but Fahim selah with his creative mind revamped his business and ventured into logistic, as the ban does not cover delivery bikes.

The originally known bike hailing service company Gokada has evolved into on-demand and batched deliveries for eCommerce partners.
The visionary and lively Fahim selah as refereed to by a lot of people, he attained the friend status with a lot of people in African and beyond, his death is mourned around the world where his impact has reached.

Lesons you can learn from Fahim Selah’s life especially if your are an entrepreneur includes:

▪Never give up regardless of the situation you find yourself in, there’s a way out. When Gokada faced a stumbling block with the ban on bikes Fahim had the never give up spirit which led him to revamp his companies in a way that suits the laws of the land he operated.

▪ Always expand your tentacles, fahim was not someone that was confined to a particular area, he has made impact in different parts of the world

▪Never settle for less, the life of fahim shows that he never settled for the bottom, he always strive to achieved the best he could.

▪The final lesson would be to start now and don’t procrastinate, fahim started his entrepreneurial journey at a very tender age, he caught his idea and started running with that idea till he became a phenomenon in the world today.

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