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What I Learnt From My Encounter With Africa’s Richest Blogger Linda Ikeji- Temmy Balogun

When i first shared my picture with Africa’s number one blogger, Linda Ikeji across my social media platforms,I got reactions ranging from excitement, to surprise. Few who knew when I started my motivational blog journey about two and half years ago couldn’t fathom  how I got to meet her.

The truth is I was  surprised when I met her  as well. But I will say this to you; there are times we forsee things that will happen in our daily lives and times we don’t, but my   advise is  always be prepared because opportunities can come knocking on your door when you least expect, with adequate preparation you will be able to utilize them well.[Lesson 1}
I met Linda Ikeji at her organisation in Lekki Phase One during my interview with Big Brother Africa 5’s winner Uti Nwachukwu whom my team already had an appointment with.

Have never been star-trucked but that day, I got to know when things you don’t expect happen you sometimes get dumbfounded because I was close to that.

Yes I knew I was going to be in her organisation that morning but I never thought I could see her and even if I did, maybe I never thought she was going to be that welcoming but she was.

Temmy Balogun Interviewing Uti Nwachukwu [Photo Credits: Mykel bankz Photography]
Temmy Balogun Interviewing Uti Nwachukwu [Photo Credits: Mykel bankz Photography]

Linda Ikeji walked into my interview with Uti without my knowledge as I wasn’t facing the entrance door but we had to pause when she came in. We exchange pleasantries and laughed about some of the things she shared with Uti. It was obvious she was very busy and trying to expanding into other arms of the media business, so getting her for a full interview  was tough. Unknowingly to her she shared some motivational tips while talking.
When Uti said Linda you look very happy and radiant, she smiled and replied  firmly. Out of all she said i picked ‘this is how you look and feel when your dreams start coming true
I didn’t get the in-depth meaning of that statement but I knew  probably years back she had big dreams just like me and you. She started with the most accessible one and worked on it because she was passionate about her dream. She was focused, she believed in herself, she persevered and broke boundaries, now she is a successful blogger. [Lesson 2]

Linda Ikeji
Linda Ikeji

As a successful blogger, she didn’t stop there, she revisted the list of her big dreams  and started planning strategically on  actualising her next set of dreams.[Lesson 3]

On the 27th of August,2017, Linda Ikeji posted a picture of herself on her Instagram page with the caption “ Growing up I wanted to be a reporter or a TV presenter…now I employ reporters and TV presenters..Instead of working at a TV station, I’m about to own one. God has a way of doing his thing. Just trust him and never depart from him as you go on your journey. And remember , you just cant beat the person who never gives up”.

Linda Ikeji's Instagram Post
Linda Ikeji’s Instagram Post

Wow! Then I flashbacked to her statement to me and my team and it became clearer.
I immediately drafted a motivational write up based on what i denoted from her post and shared it across my social media platforms.  Read below:

‘This picture contains motivational words from the most successful blogger in Africa; Linda Ikeji (@officiallindaikeji) ■■From her words I can tell you that to be successful in your choosen profession,you need to:

●Believe in yourself
●Have a strong vision
●Dream big
● Be focused

●Be passionate about what you to do

● Be patient
● Persevere
● Never give up ● Above all trust God.

So great minds check the above listed words and point out the ones you have cultivated already then add the ones missing.

Remember the real definition of success is the level of positive impact your business idea/passion have on people within your community or across the globe. Not how much you generate from it’.

In a nutshell, my encounter with her, made me confirmed once again that all have been talking about and sharing on my motivational platform(website and social media platforms)  about ;believing in one self, staying focus , persevering, never giving up, staying prepared , trusting God, staying hungry for success, grooming more young minds after your sucesss, and delving into more opportunities are truly keys to unending success. 

Linda Ikeji with Temmy Balogun
Linda Ikeji with Temmy Balogun

I shared this to motivate you all so you can keep going,and realise that there are no shortcuts to success, going through the roughs will only make your success story interesting and impactful.

This is another real life story to prove that your entrepenuership journey will be rewarding, don’t give up because of challenges , soon you will be celebrated for your positive impact. Stay Motivated!


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