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Learning From Zimbabwe’s Multi-faceted Entrepreneur, Nomvula Mhambi

Nomvula Mhambi, like every successful entrepreneur had financial issue but now, Nomvula Mhambi is a successful entrepreneur and the founder of Disruptive Innovation, a marketing and advertising business which operates as a social enterprise for identifying niche markets for company’s operations and implementing business strategy.

Mhambi was born in Zimbabwe and was raised by her mother. She had to find an alternative when he mother couldn’t afford to take her to the University because of the economic and downturn in Zimbabwe. She did menial jobs until she was able to save enough and when she was 19, she registered a catering and management event company. She went to the University of South Africa where she studied Business Administration with the money she realized from her small thriving catering business which continued even while in school. She also attended Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young Africa.

Nomvula Mhambi

After leaving the University, she continued with her catering business. She did this for awhile till her breakthrough came when she was invited to work with a concert that featured Sean Paul and Akon. Then she used the profit made there to open her marketing and advertising enterprise, Disruptive Innovation (Pvt) Limited.

Apart from the marketing and advertisement enterprise she runs, Mhambi is into Agriculture, growing mutton and oyster mushrooms, producing 1000 punnets per week to supermarkets in Zimbabwe. She also runs a hair and nail lounge, offering manicure and pedicure services. Her entrepreneurial skills are over the board and inspiring.
Mhambi is not relenting in her skill to become the best in South Africa as she made it to Forbes’ 2018 “30 Under 30” List. She has been called skilled businesswoman and has become one of the young businesswoman in Zimbabwe. She is helping to create enabling environment for development and infrastructural improvement in Zimbabwe.

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