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Learning From 11-Year-Old Naomi Wadler Who Moved Millions With Her ‘March For Our Lives’ Speech

We are always delighted to talk about youngsters making great marks around the world regardless of their age, today we celebrate  and want you to learn from 11-year-old Naomi Wadler who has become a hashtag, a global meme and the object of praise by celebrities like Lupita Nyong’o to Janelle Monae to Eddie Griffin ever since her soaring March for Our Lives speech on Saturday, March 24, 2018 in Washington.

11-year-old student Naomi Wadler of Alexandria, Virginia, speaks as students and gun control advocates hold the "March for Our Lives" event demanding gun control after recent school shootings at a rally in Washington, U.S., March 24, 2018. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst
11-year-old student Naomi Wadler

Though Naomi has no idea of her global impact as she is presently not on on social media.
“I have been accustomed to not Google myself, so I haven’t seen everything,” Wadler told The Washington Post Sunday in a phone interview during her spring break beach trip.

“My speech might not have caused a giant impact on society, but I do hope all the Black girls and women realize there’s a growing value for them.”
The vibrant Alexandria native whose speech lasted for 3-minute, 30-second urged the nation not to forget black women, who are disproportionately represented among the victims of gun violence.

“I am here to acknowledge and represent the African-American girls whose stories don’t make the front page of every national newspaper, whose stories don’t lead on the evening news,” Wadler said. “I represent the African-American women who are victims of gun violence, who are simply statistics instead of vibrant, beautiful girls full of potential.”

“For far too long, these names, these Black girls and women, have been just numbers,” Wadler later said. “I’m here to say ‘Never again’ for those girls too.”

We want every individual reading this to know that there’s no age restriction when it comes to playing a positive role in the development of one’s nation. So everyone should stay woke and ready to contribute positively to their communities

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