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Learn From Kamoru Yusuf, Founder of Leading Building Material Firm In Nigeria

Every successful entrepreneur we know today have in one way or the other had to face challenges in one way or the other as there is a story to tell behind every success journey. Kamoru Yusuf who founded Kam Group Holdings is no exception to this as he had gone through a lot before getting to the position he is presently. He is truly a definition of this saying that goes thus: “Against all odds, I conquered”.

Kamoru Yusuf though wasn’t born with a silver spoon, has gotten one for himself through hardwork, consistency and patient. Today our focus is on him and his entrepreneurship journey from where it started till date.

Kamoru who is popularly known as KAM WIRE was born in Iwo-Isin, Kwara, North-Central, Nigeria. He started as an apprentice with Messrs Oladimeji & Sons Enterprises and later became a trader.

Yusuf attended Iwo-Owu Secondary School and proceeded to Institut Supérieur de Formation Professionnelle, Rf Benin to study computer science

In 1996, he started as a manufacturer of nail shanks of various sizes, umbrella and couper nails, and started operation in 1997 under the name Kam Group Holdings.

Kam Group Holdings

By 2008 the company established a manufacturing company in Wuxi, China to produce nail cap for sales to the locals and for export to Nigeria.

Yusuf is an advocate for policies in favour of manufacturers and masses, as well as campaign against smuggling.

He is a Council member of Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN) and the Chairman, MAN Kogi/Kwara Chapter, Chairman Basic Metal, Iron and Steel.

I’m 2019, he established Kamoru Yusuf Entrepreneurship fund in Kwara State University Malete, amongst other achievements. Kamoru is happily married with two kids.

Kamoru Yusuf didn’t make it in a day, so to everyone, it takes days, months and years to be successful.

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