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Eva Alordiah Partners With Brother To Create Kobocourse, E-learning Platform Tailored To African Content Creators

Nigerian singer turned entrepreneur Eva Alordiah recently partnered with brother, Keno Alordiah to build an E-learning platform, ‘Kobocourse’, providing African content creators with easy scale through online coaching business without usual hassle.

Founded by Keno Alordiah and Eva Alordiah in April 2020, Kobocourse is a course-hosting platform built for the growing community of content creators and coaches across Africa.

A large number of e-learning platforms available did not factor Africa as a potential hub for profitable digital content creation and so the two siblings decided to create one.

Kobocourse is the idea of two siblings, one with a knack for clicking away at the keyboard and the other, a natural born creative.

“There are more and more creators and coaches looking to add an extra stream of income online and selling their own online courses is a step in the right direction,” Keno Alordiah told Disrupt Africa.

“We realised that the number one problem most African creators and online business owners face is having secure payment systems and course-hosting solutions. Sites like Teachable, Kajabi or Kartra are not inclusive of the African creator.”

Kobocourse has created a complete solution for coaches, content creators and entrepreneurs to host and sell their online courses, e-books and memberships without worrying how they will get paid.

The self-funded startup, which charges creators a percentage of any sale made through its service, has seen accelerated growth over the course of the pandemic, and now has over 13,000 registered users and creators on its platform. Keno said creators had reacted incredibly well to the platform.

“Africans are ready for a future that is digital, where e-learning is at the epicentre of education. Kobocourse has come to bridge the gap between the creatives and their online students and made the possibility of having a real online e-learning business a reality.”

When it launched last year, Kobocourse was focusing on the Nigerian market alone as it tried to understand how the local market wanted to be served and what reiteration was needed to make it work optimally.

“We have since gone on to open up Kobocourse to creators in South Africa, Kenya and Ghana. This has come mostly because of a high demand by the creators themselves and this goes to further emphasise our mission to empower creatives in Africa to grow the online business of their dreams,” said Keno.

In a short time, the platform has surprisingly recorded thousands of hours of online training uploaded to the site, which may have been significant of the fact that people have been waiting for a solution like this all along.

Kobocourse is always looking to expand, but the e-learning platform’s focus right now seems to be on serving and satisfying the creators across Africa who currently host and sell their courses on the platform.

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