Kenyan Student Builds Africa’s Third Solar-powered Car

Africa is not known in the international space for tech advances or innovation. It is mostly discussed in relation to war, famine and natural resources. However, this narrative is slowly turning with a myriad of innovations and inventions like the solar-powered car made by Samuel Karumbo.

Karumbo, a 30-year-old student of the Kitale Polytechnic, built the car, the third of its kind on the continent, in his compound.

The vehicle, a two-seat four-wheeler features a solar panel at the back. It is said that the auto can cover 50 km in a day yet at the same time keeps running on a low-speed engine that limits it from utilizing vitality speedier.


The Kenyan said the inspiration came from a desire to own his own car even though he knew he could not afford one. He said:

I [dreamed of] owning a car and since I did not have enough money to buy one, I just sat down and remembered that I am an innovator. That is when I thought of coming up with a unique car, a solar-powered car that does not require any fuel.

The car also is used to charge phone appliances and for the provison of home lighting.

Karumbo is currently using the vehicle, and the resultant media attention, to create awareness on clean energy.“One of the mitigating interventions that the country should put in place is to promote investments that work towards attaining the goal of using 100% renewable energy from sources such as solar, geothermal, tidal waves, the wind and even municipal waste as opposed to using fossil fuel generated power,” he said to local news outlet Tuko.Source: HowAfrica

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