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Kenyan All-girls Team Makes Global Tech Challenge’s Final Stage

Women have had to break ceilings in order to be counted especially in the tech world. However, their contributions to the growth of technology is immense. Anne Marie and many others like her contributed to the growth of science and technology but don’t get the acclaim their male counterparts get.

This is slowly beginning to change, especially with the increased woman participation in STEM as shown by the Kenyan all-girls team from Bahati Girls High School in Kenya shortlisted as Africas’ top team in the global tech challenge called ‘Link to bridging the gap in STEM careers’.

The team, made up of Florah Njoroge, Santuria Karimi, Keren Mwangi Grace Maina and Eunice Mutai who are all in form three (the equivalent is JSS 3 in Nigerian secondary schools), are attending the technovation challenge under the Safaricom Women in Technology initiative.

Named Team Eaglesforever, the girls competed against and beat other teams with brilliant ideas from otheroAfrican countries. Their winning entry is an app called Gochild which provides child protection services to everyone under 18. It can be used to report cases of physical and sexual abuse, neglect, and early marriage. It also links victims with legal counsel who can help them at affordable rates.

The girls are following in the footsteps of Precious Blood Girls and Kisumu Girls, Kenyan girl teams that gained global recognition with their submissions.  Precious Blood Girls emerged second in 2016 with a bus booking app while in 2017, Kisumu girls made a hit to the finals with an app called I-Cut that seeks to curb female genital mutilation(FGM).

Go Girls!

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