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How Kate Quartey patafio’s Business Became A Leading Manufacturing Company In Ghana [ WATCH AND LEARN]

Seeing women excel in men dominated industries after strive amidst intimidations and oppositions is always very inspiring.

Kate Quartet-papafio, the CEO of Reroy Group in an interview with CNN spoke of how she evolved from importing electric cables to having one of the leading manufacturing companies in Ghana.

In 1992, Quartey-papafio and her husband needed electrical cables for their house but were unable to get the correct set of cables that would ensure sufficient power supply. Due to their dissatisfaction with the customer service they received, the idea to import cables was born.

Their customer base grew over time and they got good recommendations from people because of the efficient and fast delivery process.


Mrs Kate
Mrs Kate Quartet-papafio

The need to improve emerged as they were no longer able to meet the high demand of consumers looking for different kind of cables.

They decided to add value by importing semi-finished cables and convert them into finished products with the aim of adding value and research as well as expand the scope of cable industries in the country.

Over the years, Reroy Group have grown into several chains that includes Reroy power , Reroy metals, Reroy energy and Reroy cables,making then an alpha matter of the country.


Despite major setback in June 2017, owing to a flood in Ghana that affected many of the ware houses, they still surged forward doggedly and has grown since then, even growing as far as increasing 20% in employee size and are looking to ex TV end their arms in the sub-region, covering the entire Africa as a whole.

“you have to bounce back and tell yourself that you are not going to let any disaster get over you. Look at the way forward, move on and think about the future. Look at how best you can add value to what you have and don’t let anything at all pull you back”she said.

Isn’t this motivating? Think postively and be innovative like Kate!

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