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How Kasiva Mutua Broke Kenya’s Old Taboo With Her Passion For Drumming

With music flowing through her brain, 29 years old Kasiva Mutua, who just got featured by CNN has broken an old taboo that restrains women from drumming, an activity that was considered exclusive for men.

At the tender age of 6, Kesiva discovered the magical rhythms and patterns of sound in the world around her whenever her grandmother sends her to the goats as she tends to listen to them.

Her love for drumming grew when she encountered a female drummer in her church one Sunday,due to her excitement, she couldn’t wait for the service to be over before she introduced herself and begged for lessons.

Despite having to fight off stage fright and utter embarrassment when her drumsticks flew out of her hands to land on the judge’s table at her first drama and music festival in form two, she forged on doggedly, honing her skills until she made the finals. That was where her problems began.

Kasiva Drumming
Kasiva Drumming

At that point, she began to feel like the odd one out. She took a good look around and noticed how she was the only female around. Apparently, drumming has been considered a taboo for women for centuries. Women just didn’t play drums! The activity was considered sacred for men.

Undeterred by the cultural restraint and constant bullying from men who were also engaged in the sport, she joined a music band as a singer after her university education and continued on with her drum lessons from the band’s percussionist until the opportunity came to showcase her talent on the leader Mutinda’s album launch.

Kasiva Drumming
Kasiva Drumming

Word got out about her talent and she got several opportunities to work with high profiled musicians, a major turning point in her career.

Kasiva has since gained international recognition, including tours to the United states, as well as Germany where she was opportuned to play at Ted Global. She was also one of the artists that was selectively picked to play at coke studio.

“drumming isn’t what I do, it is who I am. I have found my purpose and by affecting people’s emotions with my music, I am doing what makes me happy” she said in an interview with Standard digital.

We Celebrate You Kasiva! Keep Going!


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