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Jenelle Rouse Is First Black Deaf Person To Receive PHD Degree In Canada

Jenelle Rouse was highly marvelled has she became the first black deaf person to receive PHD Degree in Canada.

She obtained the degree of Applied Linguistic in Education from a great University of Western Ontario, Canada

Jenelle Rouse achievement in her academic with her condition was unbelievable but she made it successfully.

The success story of Jenelle Rouse is beyond proof of anything possible to break the stigma/sterotype that people think Black Deaf person can’t do anything especially the education.

Through Janelle success story it is certain that people will get motivated especially those with one stigma or the other because today Janelle Rouse is so proud to witness her work with timeless, hardwork and everything she put her efforts in the study of the doctorate program.

Janelle Rouse is now the first black deaf Canadian in whole Canada and she advise that ” Do not let anyone tell you that you can’t do the goals of what you dream of become in your future”.

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