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Jaylen Smith Becomes Youngest Black Mayor In US At 18 

Jaylen Smith has been elected as the new Mayor of Earle, Arkansas, making him the youngest black mayor in the US.

The 18-year-old won against Nemi Matthews Sr. in a runoff election to emerge the mayor of Earle, Arkansas. According to election results, he had 218 votes, compared to Matthew who had 139.

Smith, who is a fresh graduate from Earle high school, shared the news on his social media page saying “It’s time to build a better chapter of Earle, Arkansas.” He added that appreciated all his supporters for stepping up getting people to the polls.

The new Mayor said he plans to focus on transportation, public safety and building a major grocery store in the city. Smith said he’s really passionate about improving citizens’ access to food sources.

Jaylen smith said that although he was confident he would win the election, he was still surprised when the news of his victory got to him. He added that the win is particularly momentous to him as a person diagnosed with a learning disability. Smith said his disability makes it hard for him to do well on standardized tests. 

The young mayor said that the disability does not take away from what he is able to do, it in fact motivates him more to achieve greatness.”

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