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Interview with Oresegun Olumide, Brain Behind Hyper-Realistic Paintings Going Viral

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It’s another Temmy Balogun’s blog Interview. We trust you are doing well.

Today is a bright Thursday.  As you all know Temmy Balogun’s Blog is dedicated to celebrating unique talents. I am glad to share this insightful interview i had with the brain behind the paintings going viral on social media platforms presently. It”s an understatement to use the word realistic to describe the works of the amazing Nigerian professional artiste ,Oresegun Olumide.  It’s rather best  to say his paintings are ‘ hyper realistic’.

He has been in the field for a long time but just got known for his works on social media few weeks back. I must tell you, he deserves more than the  little recognition he has got so far, reason why Temmy Balogun’s Blog  has decided to celebrate him. By showcasing his talent to the world , we want to  inspire young minds who are aspiring to become a professional artiste and those already praticising to keep believing in their passions and dreams.
Ore 8

Oresegun Olumide

Take a chill pill, read along and share your thoughts in the comment box.

Good  day sir, kindly tell us more about Oresegun Olumide, family , ethnicity ,education and personality…

I hail from Ogun state in Nigeria , Ijebu-ode precisely. I am the second child in a family of  four. I am an easy going person who loves to mingle and hang out with friends. I studied Fine Art in Yabatech, i specialised in painting and came out with a Distinction.

Your paintings are currently going viral on social media platforms,how does this make you feel?

I can only but feel great about it because it has been a journey that encompasses lot of hardwork, determination and persistence.
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What stimulated your interest in artistry?

It has been my passion from age four.  I love to draw a lot and this made me choose to study fine art. Because it was a passion, I didnt  see any  assignment as difficult back in my school days.

After completing your education at Yabatech, have you done any other professional course?

None for now
Ore 14
What is your area of specialism in painting?

It is called realism but i will call my paintings ‘hyper realism’ because i always love my work to surpass what is seen as realistic.

I observe that most of your paintings depict ‘nature and Africans lifestyle’ What is the idea behind this concept

Things and activities i see regularly in my environment inspires my painting. I admire the way Nigerians especially the ones that are not financially fine strive to live. They are contented and happy with the little they have, all these inspire my work.

Ore 12
With the present  level of awareness given to your works on social media platforms, where do you see yourself in five years?

I see myself in greater heights and doing more works that will make Nigerians proud of me as their own.

What do you love most about your profession ?

I dont see this as a profession, to me it’s a passion. When i hang out with friends i tell them i dont have a job rather i have a passion. I am happy doing it and i love it very much as it’s being part of me since childhood.

Ore 6


What do you love most about your work?

Its defines me.  I see it has a medium of passing messages about things i love. I dont need to do much research to paint rather i observe things around me and all these make me happy.

What are the challenges you’ve faced so far in this profession?

Before now i had issue of inadequate fund to buy resources to keep new works rolling in and it was also  hard meeting the right people to patronise me. Only few that know the value of my work pay me well. Though people are paying well now as more people are getting to know the value of my paintings.

What keeps you going?

The love and passion i have for artistry keeps me going even in the face of odds

Olumide's mum portrait
Olumide’s mum portrait

Have your parents being supportive so far towards you achieving your dream?

My parent have always been supportive, especially my mum. My mum encourages me very well. At a point , my father wanted me to leave the profession because i wasnt getting much income from it, but i stood my ground then and  kept on pushing hard because it is what i enjoy doing.
Ore 10

What does originality and uniqueness mean to you in your profession?

originality and uniqueness have been my work ethics right from my days in Yabatech. When lecturers give assignments i dont copy or look for references, i create my own painting which my friends can testify to.

I can remember a course back then in school called pictorial composition, for 3 semesters continously i had As in the course which hasnt been recorded in the faculty for a long time.

Also when lecturers ask us to present like 2 samples of painting as an assignment then in school, i submit 5 samples  and my lecturers dont see anything they can correct in my  paintings because i created them from my imagination and never copied anyone’s work.Have always believed that if i can create scenario of painting myself then i will do well after leaving the tertiary institution as l will be use to branstorming and creating innovative paintings.

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Are you presently available for training or mentorship of young ones interested in this profession?

I can only  give advice for now, i hope to have an artistry school in the near future so i can mentor and train interested youths.

Ore 11
Any role model?

My lecturers

Inspire youths in one sentence ..

Anything you love doing put your best in it, thrive to gather all the resources needed to make it a success.


Thanks for sharing with us, Mr  Olumide Oresegun

You can connect with Olumide on;

Instagram: Oluhyperclassical

Facebook: Oresegun Olumide

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