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Interview With Nigerian Actress, Hadiza Abubakar; Scaling Through Rough Edges In Nigerian Film Industry


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Today, we share our interview with an elegant,hard-working and dynamic diva,Hadiza Abubakar who combined her passion for acting and modelling profession  in unique ways. In this interview, she talks about how she started out in both industries, the challenges faced, what is required to succeed in it and so much more. Coming from someone who has taken a deep-dive into several roles and has come out with outstanding outputs , she very well knows her onions and has a lot to share.

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Tell us about Hadiza Abubakar, your ethnicity, education, family, location….

I’m from Edo state. I’m a theatre arts graduate from the university of Benin. I’m from a family of four which comprises of dad, mum, my elder sister and myself, and I reside in Lagos!

You combine both acting and modelling, how did both begin? How do you cope with the two professions, as I understand they could both be time taken?

Well, I started modeling in my university days and I developed a flair for it! But not as much as I’ve got passion for acting! I’m not fully into modeling, cuz it’s also time consuming! But because acting is my very first love, I’m putting every zeal into it for now! Besides, I sing too, music comes second, then modeling.

Was studying theatre art in the university by accident or by choice?

It was by choice! I’ve always wanted to study theatre arts. I was heartbroken when I gained admission into Uniben and was given mass communication, but I quickly changed to theatre arts in my 1st semester of year 1. I couldn’t have studied anything else

Hadiza Abubakar and Racheal Oniga


Which of the two professions do you focus more on? Why?

I focus more on acting! For me, it comes first.

It’s an open secret in Nigeria that most graduate do not practice their field of study, how do you feel practicing yours?

Excited and fulfilled! I enjoy what I do wholeheartedly.

Share with us one of the most fascinating location experience you’ve had? What’s your typical day like?

Hadiza, Wale Ojo and other notable colleagues on location

Well for now I can’t say I’ve had a fascinating experience on any set, they’ve all been fun though but nothing special. Wake up, say my prayers, do some exercise(the day I don’t wake up lazy), take my bath and step out! I skip breakfast most times. It’s same routine even if I’m home, after my bath, I stay in my room and watch movies or play games.


Now…Let’s comeback to the focus of this interview, kindly unveil the rough edges upcoming actresses face on their road to fame, taking a cue from your personal experiences…

Sexual harassment is no news in the movie industry and I believe other industries as well. But it’s a thing of choice! Nobody will force u to do it if u don’t want to! But the desperadoes see nothing wrong with it! It’s irritating these days because ladies offer them free sex just to feature in movies and posters! And when the responsible ones refuse to give in, they give u examples of ladies who offered them sex willingly without them even asking.

Hadiza and Femi Jacobs

A known producer in the industry once asked me why I’m stingy with mine and said: “is urs laced with gold”..”u have raw talent and i really want to project u”. I’ve refused lots of scripts and even made enemies with some directors and producers all because I refuse to succumb! Some who have featured me in their movies with the hope of sleeping with me one day, have refused to give me roles, because I’m stingy with mine!

The outside world believe that one can’t make it without sleeping her way through. I’m speaking for myself right now, I haven’t done it and will remain so! I can sleep with u if I like u or love u, not sleep with u for u to give me roles and feature me in ur movies! No way! I know my onions!

Hadiza and Doris Simeon

What strategy (ies) have you adopted to scale through the challenges so far…? What impact does these challenges have on you?

No doubt my refusal to give in has made me lose jobs but I’m strong and I never allow it to get to me. I act because I enjoy and love what I do, I’m not desperate or in a hurry because I know that my talent and works will pave way for me pretty soon.


Have your parents being part of your so far success story?

Of course! I couldn’t have asked for better parents! They’ve been in full support since the very moment I told them I wanted to be an actor, that was even before I wrote jamb! They have been extremely supportive and wonderful. My parents still take me to locations sometimes when I don’t drive or don’t feel like it

Tell us about some of your recent movies, your roles and what you’ve learnt from them …

Middlemen by mainkraft, starring Femi Jacobs, Myself, Kcee Ejelonu and Chucks Ogene-I played the role of Pamela,who works with an advertising agency and a fiancé to Adeola(Femi Jacobs). It’s airing presently on tvc local and international.
Road to stardom season 4 by Hadunni Entertainment, starring, Niyi Johnson, myself, Aaron Sunday and a host of others. I’m playing Anita-a marketer.
Fast lane by Teco Benson, starring Chinonso Young, Chelsea Eze, myself and a host of others-I played tope(topsy) a twin to Chinonso young.
Done a couple of home videos like See gobe, barren women, secondary school girls and some others I can’t remember.
Shot a couple of movies for Africa Magic original films,Love,lies and alibi-I played desola, Andrew Files where I played Nike – a maid to Tina Mba and Nobert Young who happens to be my father.
Wale Adenuga-superstory and papa ajasco. Late Amaka Igwe’s Infinity hospital and  Jenifa’s diary where I played the camp coordinator. Each role I’m given gives me an opportunity to become a new character. They all have different storylines and different lessons. Besides I’m selective when it comes to movies so I don’t become stereotyped

What do you find most interesting in modelling?


Like I said earlier, it started in my university days because I modeled costumes for people, so I practically did more of runway! If I’m to get serious with modeling, I’ll prefer to be a runway model.

Will you regard yourself as an upcoming actress? What are the things you need to get to your dream position in the industry?

Yes I’m still an upcoming actress. I’ll seize to be one when I become a household name, have carved a niche for myself and no longer have to introduce myself.
I believe determination, persistence and hardwork with take me to my dream position in the industry.

On a scale of 1 to 5, rate how frequent Nollywood movies instill good characters in youths…


What’s your commentary on the frequent failed marriages reports among Nigerian actors and actress? Any advice to the victims?

I always say it’s not about getting married, but staying married. These days the women want to get married so they can join the list of married women. When you rush in, u will definitely rush out! Every breakup is an experience and a lesson. I hope the victims look before they leap next time.

Mention 3 personal ethics that stands you out in the industry? Any role model(s)? Hobbies?

Rational thinking, honesty and consistency. Aunty Joke Silva has always been my role model. I love to sing, watch movies, cook and read.

Hadiza and colleagues

Your advice to aspiring, upcoming and made actresses?

To aspiring and upcoming actresses, keep pushing !If you are passionate about acting, and really good at what you do,with God on your side,definitely the sky will surely be your starting point. To the made ons,we rise by lifting others! Always lend a hand.

Inspire youths in one sentence using English, Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba languages…

English: Work hard, dream big.
Hausa: Aiki tukuru, da mafarki mai girma
Igbo: Rusi oru ike , Nwe nnuku nro
Yoruba: Tera mo ise , Gbero ko je eniyan

Thanks for sharing with us


Thanks for sharing with us Hadiza Abubakar….

You can connect to Hadiza:

Facebook:  Hadiza Abubakar
Instagram:   @hadizabubakar

Snap chat: hadizabubakar                               

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