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Interview With King Lami: Uncovering The Advance Level of Make Up Artistry

A couleur
Hello World!
Yippeee! Its few days to christmas and a brand new wonderful  year!
Merry Xmas and Happy New year in advance to my readers….Love you all till it snows in my country Nigeria.
Today’s interview is on Make up artistry, one unique thing about interview is, not only makeup artistes will find it interesting , as everyone who reads through this will definitely have something exciting to talk about afterwards.
In recent times , Make-Up Artistry has been embraced by many , especially ladies/women who tend to use it as  either a part-time or full time job. While some do it for fun, a category where Fisolami Sodeinde falls presently.
Facial enhancing make up on King Lami
Most make-up artistes in Nigeria focus their interests in enhancing human beauty to fit different occasions or scenarios.
There’s hardly any bride who doesnt contact professional makeup artiste to make her look tremendously great on  her big day….This  has boost the sales of cosmetics in Nigeria and beyond.
 Fisolami Sodeinde
Beautiful Fisolami

Personally, i  have always thought make up artistry only serves the beauty intensifying function not until my encounter with KING LAMI ,a beautiful and hard working young lady whose real names are Fisolami Sodeinde ;a final year English education student In University of Lagos,who has an advance and unique approach to make-up artistry .

With some  of her works have been opportuned to see, i can describe her has an  innovative and intelligent rare gem in Nigeria.



King Lami at work
King Lami at work
In this interview ,King Lami unveiled  the advance functions of make-up artistry. Most of which i believe will be new to many reading this.
Take a chill pill and read between the lines, as you learn about something new in make-up artistry.
1. Good day Miss , Tell us about Fisolami Sodeinde, family,ethnicity and personality? How did you come about the name, King Lami?
Fisolami is a 400 level,English education student in Unilag, the second of the 4 children my parents have.  I’m a proud  yoruba girl from Ibadan, Oyo state. I am  jovial and outgoing.
I was first called the name King Lami by a friend; any woman can be a queen,it takes more to br a king.
2. As a student of Unilag; one of the most sought after university,tell us what you love most about your university?
There are one thousand and one things to love about Unilag, for me i love the fact that  its an institution with conducive learning environment where students  can balance their social life with academics , and many more reasons.
3.You’re currently a final year student of English Language,which is not in-line with make -up artistry‎,tell us what stimulated your interest in the profession? What does make-up artistry mean to you?
Well, makeup artistry means a lot to me, and its basically a medium of self expression and beautification. The beauty and diversity of make up artistry has caught the attention of many, myself not being an exemption, and this arose the interest within me.
4. ‎Unlike other make-up artistes who focus more on enhancing beauty , your area of specialism ; face & body painting,avante garde, theatrical SFX effects are  new to me and am sure will be to many reading this as well,kindly give an in-depth explanation….
In Nigeria, many  focus on the beauty and fashion aspect of make-up artistry , specifically the bridal makeup.  My area od specialism  is not something new but not many pratice it in Nigeria.
Face and body painting deals with making use of the human body as a canvas to express one’s self.
Body and face painting (Couleur)
Body and face painting (A Pop Tarte)
The theatricals SFX prosthetic makeup;also called special make up effects and prosthesisis ,is the process of using prosthetic sculpting, moulding and casting techniques to create advanced cosmetic effect like aging,injuries and the likes.
SFX Effects for injury make up
SFX Effects for injury make up
Avante garde make up is an experimental and innovative approach to make up,it  ranges from bizzare , to glamish ,beautiful and many more . it is beauty is based each make-up artiste’s creativity.
It is always entertaining to see what the artist will come up with or create,because these looks are not what we come across everyday,they are  more likely to be seen on a runway or in the pages of  magazines  than the popularly known make up , there is a certain level of fantasy that surround looks gotten by through Avante garde.
Avante Garde
Avante Garde
5. The projects you’ve done so far has been team ‎based ,describe your experience so far…
Lol… we thank God,working with new people could be tiring. but its been fun all the way
6. What 3 projects do you find most interesting and why?
The first most interestiong project is, The POP TARTE theme while the  second is, the series COULEURS,which features 3 and 6 looks ,both respectively done with Je.nadi,a professional photographer. The both projects consist of avante garde and face painting.



A couleur
A Couleur
King Lami modelling her creative work
King Lami modelling her creative work
I must say, working with Je.nadi has improved my artistry a lot, as i was able to learn new things during these projects.
The third interesting project , which was on face painting  was done in collaboration with professional photographer, EOB.
7. Does your make-up artistry profession pose a challenge to your academic works? Are your parents supportive of your passion?
It hasn’t put up any challenge yet and i doubt it will, as academics would always come before work for the time being.
In the beginning  my parents were  quite hostile, but they have learnt to support me.
8.What’s your future plan for make up artistry? Any other interest (s)?
To be known as a leading expert in the aspect of make up artistry i specialise in.



King Lami with her camera
King Lami with her camera
Yeah… I have passion for photography as well… I recently got a professional camera for myself.
9. Which would you prefer after graduating; being an entrepreneur or an employee?
Being an entrepreneur isnt a bad idea but i would rather start as an employee for professional guidance and to gather meaningful  experience in the field before proceeding on being self employed.
10.Mention 3 rules guiding you in this profession?
I.     Put God first before your finances and works.
II.   Business before pleasure.
III. There’s a fine line between different and overflogged
11. Your advice to aspiring make-up artiste and those already in, on how to be the best at what they do?
As an aspiring makeup artist myself, my advice is ;put in your best effort and God would surely crown  it with unbelievable success.
12.Any role model (s)? Your hobbies?
Makeup artists who inspire me include; Buntricia, Colour dujour, EvaAlordiah, pastel pegasus and many  more…
My hobbies; trying on new makeup and reading  interesting romance novels.
13.Inspire youths in one sentence…

Never let anyone put you down, go for what you deserve.

Thanks for sharing with us King Lami….


You can connect with King Lami ;

Telephone: 09099330831
Twitter: @fisolami

Instagram: @fisolami_


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