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Interview With Emmanuel Jacob, 11-Year-Old Nigerian Talented Generator Repairer

Earlier today Espact team were present at 11-year-old Emmanuel Jacob’s workshop at Akesan, Ojo , Lagos to interview him after his story went viral recently.

The young generator repairer became an internet sensation globally after Mr Everest Ebuka shared the exceptional delivery of his service.

Emmanuel Jacob

Mr Everest Ebuka told Espact he was satisfied with the quality of service the minor rendered in a couple of minutes after he hired him to repair his generator which developed a fault. He innocently shared a post to celebrate the young lad through his Facebook post which reads ” I requested for the best engineer around my area to fix my generator and this small boy was brought to me, he fixed the generator within few minutes. I have been thinking of the best way to give him help.

I really wish I am Rich.”

Mr Everest Ebuka with Emmanuel

In his words while speaking with Espact he said he didn’t know the post would attract people’s attention but he made the post out of the satisfaction he got after the work was done because he was skeptical about allowing Emmanuel handle his generator but his level of confidence made him reconsider.

Emmanuel shared with Espact how excited he was when he was told about his story going viral. He said he had been undergoing his mechanical training at JohnGbade Mechanic workshop for the past 2 years and he had a part of his primary education in Ondo State before coming down to Lagos where his uncle enrolled him for mechanical skill acquisition with Mr Gbade.

In response to Espact’s question of what he wants from everyone reaching out to him, Emmanuel said he would love to be enrolled in school to continue his education as long as it doesn’t disturb his mechanical skill acquisition as he would like to be a well known mechanical engineer with a reputable workshop where he can also train talents just like his Boss, Mr John Gbade.

Mr John Gbade ( Emmanuel’s Boss)

His Boss Mr John Gbade also shared how impressed he is with the boy’s news and how the boy has been dedicated to learning. He added that he has more trainee of his age also doing well.


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