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Interview With CEO Da’ Muvee Visuals; A Professional Cinematographer

Hello Africa!

I have Olaniran Abayomi Adewale, a young entrepreneur , professional cinematographer , creative editor and  CEO of Da Muvee Visuals in the house this cool Friday Morning,so take a break from work, and enjoy a great read; just the amount of inspiration you need to be fulfilled today.

Wait! Before you proceed,watch a short creative video by Da’ Muvee


That was a very high quality video……DO YOU AGREE WITH ME? You can drop your comments…  Now enjoy his great interview…



It’s wonderful having you here CEO, Da’ Muvee Visuals, kindly share your name, family and educational background

My names are Olaniran  Abayomi Adewale, The 3rd  child and  first son of a family of four.  Am a native of Abeokuta, Ogun State but have lived all my life in Ondo State, Ondo Town precisely. I studied Mathematics/Physics.


Why this career path? Give a brief history of Da’ Muvee Visuals

Though am a graduate of Mathematics/Physics but I have strong passion for  computer software and visual effects which led me to starting a career in production and editing of motion pictures (film making)  in 2008.

Da’ Muvee Visuals was established in 2011 but prior to that year I was trained as an editor and cinematographer at Remdel Arts & Film Academy after which I traveled to South Africa and Ghana to advance my study in film making where I majored in Editing, Cinematography, and Music Video Directing. All thanks to God, Da’ Muvee Visuals has been doing perfectly well.

What essentials should one consider before embarking on this entrepreneurial venture?

Well, I would say commitment, focus, and creativity because people want to see something new every day, when all these are in place, you can now talk about finance as its one very important aspect one can’t regard as negligible.


Would you say you’ve enjoyed Cinematography and Editing so far?

Yes, and I believe I might not have been happy with who I would have become if am not who I am right now. So I am super happy

What 3 rules do you work with as a professional cinematographer, and editor?

‘It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up’

‘If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins’

‘A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work’

How many are on your team?

I have 5 people on my team;  light-men, camera-man, and set- man.



You’ve been in this business for 7 years…. that’s quite a long time , describe your most challenging experience?

Hmm, well so far we’ve done series of jobs which range short movies, full clip movies, music videos, documentaries, docu-dramas, to skits among others, each have one challenge or the other. But talking  about the most challenging ones, for production,  I will say Picture Perfect, directed by Olugbemi Stancy, and Ebuwa, Directed by Funmilola Dipe, both recent and coming to the cinemas soon. For editing, it a documentary I did for Ekiti state.

For Ebuwa, the challenge came up from scenes where very  technical and unique shots which I regard as ‘crazy shots’  need to be derived but advance production equipment to achieve such were not available , we eventually derived the shots but it was a tough one.

My challenge with Picture Perfect, was from the very much camera movements, the director of the film is a lover of camera movements and stability, but achieving both at a time wasn’t an easy task, though my crew was there as always to motivate.

For the most challenging editing task, which mentioned earlier as the documentary I did for Ekiti state, the production took me and my team like 5months but along the line the hard drive crashed, it was so bad that I had partial stroke, and I was hospitalized for 2weeks but with the help of God, I was able to get it back.


What is your definition of standard visual quality in this present age?

Well, talking about standard visuals quality in this present age, every film maker has their own kind of definition for it, because any video image with considerably more than 480 horizontal lines or 576 horizontal lines is considered high definition.  On my own path, I will say it depends on what you want, especially when it comes to pictures. But as long as you can define the kind of picture you want for every job you do and at the same time pass your message through them, then you are good to go. As for me, I like my pictures soft and sharp and we do full HDs.

Share with us few interesting videos you’ve shot.

           ArdorzY2G (2013) Music Video

           Picture Perfect (2014) Film

           Double T Finally Video (2014) Music Video

            Ebuwa (2015) Film

           The Secret (2015) Film

            Ebola Debtor (2015) Comedy Skit

            And so on…

Am aware that one of the most challenging movie you mentioned earlier, Ebuwa, will be  premiered in August, brief us about it.

Yes, Ebuwa (Source of Wealth), it’s a great story, a lovely one from Moyinnet Entertainments, Produced by Lolade Giwa, Directed by Funmilola Dipe, Cinematographed & Edited by Da’ Muvee Visuals, Executive Producer: Adedotun Ajala, Shot in the heart of Lagos and Ilorin, Kwara state. Coming to cinemas soon but will be premiered in Lagos on 23rd of August 2015.


A scene from Ebuwa

Any Role model (s)?

I have got lots of people that inspires and motivates me, the likes of Kayode Falade, Mr Adebanji Adelusi, Omojowo Samuel, Fatoki Charlse, Mr Adetoun Ajala, Tunde Adekoya and Ade Bakare and so on, they are creative minds and have always been supportive all the way.

What advice would you give to those seeking to start cinematography and video editing career?

Any area of film making you wish to specialize, the key to excel is to be focus, creative, hardworking, patient, and prayerful.

In 10 years… Where do you foresee Da’ Muvee Visuals?

Whoa!  ‘ten years from now is very bright’, am very sure we will have gone far better than where we are now.  so far, we have worked in few countries bur we aim to cover major countries across the continent and beyond few years from now.

Kindly inspire young Africans in one sentence.

Stay focused and never give up.

Many Thanks for sharing with us.

You can connect with Abayomi;

Facebook: Da Muvee Visuals  

Instagram: Da’Muvee Visuals

Whatsapp Contact: 08060566594



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