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Interview : Nigeria’s Medulla Is Out To Redefine African Music

We are always happy to celebrate anyone doing something great and different from the usual, regardless of their chosen field. Today we are glad  to share  an interview we had with an upcoming Nigerian singer who focuses more on rapping. His rap songs are unique because he uses his mother tongue “Yoruba” to pass his messages across.
The talented singer, known as Medulla displays high degree of originality and creativity in delivering his songs , we love his vocals, creativity and message tone, hence our reason for showcasing him.


So sit back, relax, and read along to know more about our talented Nigerian singer, and learn one or two things from him.

Good day Medulla, it’s nice having you here let’s start with a brief biography (tell us about your family, real names, ethnicity and education)
My real name is Adedeji Hamed Oyebo, I hail from the family of Obateru Royal Kingdom, Egbin Ikorodu, Lagos State. So I am a proud Yoruba “Ibile boy” from Ijebu land {Smiles}. I studied Accounting at Ogun State Institute Of Technology (OGITECH), located in Ogun state.
You’re known by your stage name Medulla, what does this mean to you? How did you come about it?
The ‘Med’ part of Medulla came from the last three letters in my name (Ha”med”) , which my friends call me with from secondary school, but the full  name ‘Medulla’ was extracted from MEDULLA OBLONGATA,which is  popularly known as a part of the brain stem which connected to the spinal cord.

When did you discover your love for music? When did you start your professional music career? Enlighten us on what convinced you to focus on music as a career?
My interest in music surfaced in my secondary school days, when I got fond of free styling rap songs amidst my friends. But I started signing professionally In 2009.
I got convince this is my line because of the love for entertainment and how music inspirations never stops popping up on my head, even when i try to focus on something else.

That’s great! Your songs sound very unique, what genre (s) of music is/are your focus? Tell us how you came about your style?
The major genres of songs I sing are Afro pop, Rap & Classical music.
Have always been an advocate of African culture, hence my reason for choosing to express and do my music in more of mother tongue (Yoruba).

[Play And Listen To Omo Ibile By Medulla]

Apart from music, what else are you into? How do you get inspiration to compose your songs?
Am into Printing and Advertising ,and also choreography and Acrobatic dance.
God is my inspiration.

 What stands you out amidst other upcoming musician? Which African musician have you collaborated with? Are you working on any singles or album?
My originality, stands me out from others.

I have collaborated with artist such as Micheal Word, Chocopappy, Mindestiano among others. I am also working on collaborating with African notable star like Vector, 9ice and Fuji Legend, Alhaji Abass Akande Obesere (PK1st)


Medulla With Obesere
Medulla With Fuji Legend, Alhaji Abass Akande Obesere (PK1st)

Who are your target audience? How do you intend to get them familiar with your style of music?
My songs are for everyone who love and appreciate African culture ranging from youths to adults.
I intend to win people over to my style of music, by rolling out songs that speak peoples mind and encourage them.
What are the major challenges you’re facing with this unique music style of yours? How are you overcoming them?
Just like most people who decide to be unique,  I find it difficult  getting sponsors, and resources to promote and market my songs. But I never stop  believing and persevering because am sure opportunities that will bring me to limelight will surface soon. I don’t allow the challenges weigh me down at all, I keep positive vibes always.

[Play And Listen To Langbe Jina By Medulla FT.VAL E]

Are you signed on a record label ? If no, are you looking out for record signing deals?
Am not signed yet, am still looking out for suitable record signing deal.

Where do you see your brand in five years?
In five years, Medulla will be an African culture & creativity “Ambassador” (ACCA), representing the nation globally.
Advice African youths in one sentence…
Be original, hardworking, patient and prayerful always.


Thanks For Sharing With Us Medulla.
You Can Reach Medulla Via:
Phone Numbers : 08133987903, 07083396338

Whatsapp: 08133987903

Facebook: Medula Oyebo adedeji

Instagram: @Medulla4387
Twitter: @Medulla62828641


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