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[Interview] Meet Ebenezer Temitope , A Promising Nigerian Designer Extraordinaire

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As we mark we ‘Good Friday’ which signifies the marvelous day Jesus Christ died on the cross of calvary for us all, we pray that you will experience the greatness attached to this day.

Today on Temmy Balogun’s Platform our spotlight is on a young promising Nigerian who has great talent in graphics designing.

There are lots of graphics designers out there creating several  designs but few out of them have taken extra steps to stand out in what they do. Out of them is Ebenezer Temitope.

Ebenezer Temitope
Ebenezer Temitope

Its gives us joy when we come across hardworking and dedicated young minds. We love to celebrate them, so as to inspire more individuals to start something  great, believe in theirselves and achieve  great  success.

To learn from this genius, to be motivated, and ignited, sit back, relax and read along…

Good day sir, tell us about Ebenezer Temitope, family, ethnicity and personality?

My name is Ebenezer Temitope, i was born into a family of 5 and am from Ondo State in Nigeria.

Am presently in my 400 level studying Electrical Electronics Engineering in a Nigerian university. Concerning my personality i am an easy going individual who doesn’t give up no matter the situation i go through .Concerning my personality i am an easy going individual who doesn’t give up no matter the situation  i go through .

Have you ever studied anything related to graphics designing  before now?

I didn’t study Graphic Design at any level of learning, One day the idea and morale just came up and I developed an unending interest in Graphic Design.


Ebenezer's Design
Ebenezer’s Design

How and when did you discover this talent of yours?Did you attend any professional training afterwards? 

Actually I discovered I had this passion for Gadgets and ICT when I was just 12 year Old.

So I started with drawing and painting domestic object using editing softwares.

I proceeded into repairing of laptops and Desktop Computers.

At a particular period, I got a Scholarship from a IT Company to study Website Design. During the Web design Practice I noticed I paid a lot to Graphic Designer to design web images, and due to this, I took it up to start designing myself.

Ebenezer's Design
Ebenezer’s Design

I started watching YouTube videos and other online Tutorials for basic knowledge, and that was how it all started.

What does creativity and originality mean to you?

To me Creativity is about not denying yourself that special idea you have by making a move to build it up and originality  is you having the ability to create the Unusual.

Ebenezer's Design
Ebenezer’s Design

While going through your design, I discover they are very unique and depict great intellectual work, what inspire their creation?

Its actually my little secret which I don’t normally share, but the truth is the Source of my inspiration is God

You have several designs for notable figures on your page; do you have a preference to that?


The motive behind my designing for Notable is just to bring more publicity for my work.

Ebenezer's Design
Ebenezer’s Design

Ok. I understand there are several types of designs, which are your focus?

Am into all sort of designs few of which are*conceptual art *Music Art and Cover *Vector picture *Photo manupulation *photo editing and many more.

Ebenezer's Design
Ebenezer’s Design

Also when I don’t have anyone who needs my design services I just think of something and I make up some kind of a conceptual Art.
How do you decide what your next design? Who do you render your graphic designing services for?

I don’t decide what to design next, it all depends on my present mood and what I feel in my mind. I render my services for everyone who need it.

Ebenezer's Design
Ebenezer’s Design

What do you love most about what you do? Do you train individuals interested in learning?

Well I took Graphic Design as a hobby and what I love most about it is that my graphic works are moving forward and taking me to places.

Yes I do engage in individual training but i seek serious minded and focused trainees only.
Mention 3 rules guiding you in this profession?
i. Self-Discipline
ii. Time management
iii. Total Focus

Ebenezer’s Design

Apart from graphics design what else do you do?

Apart from Graphic Design am into web design/development, hardware and software repairs, IT consultancy and all other thing an average Electrical Electronics Engineer can do. (smiles)
Any role model (s)? Your hobbies?

YES Ray Styles also known as “thepencilcelebrities” His a Digital and Pencil Artist. I don’t have much Hobbies Other than Concentrating on my Laptop.
Inspire youths in one sentence…
If you’re walking on a right path and you’re willing to keep walking, eventually you’ll make progress and succeed

Thanks for sharing with us.

You can reach  Mr Ebenezer Temitope via:


Phone number(s): 09031307614 and 08107210555

Instagram: i_yamme and @me_desiign


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