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[Interview] An Idle Hand Is A Creative Workshop: Nigerian Self Taught Artist, Ololade Lawal Says

Art is beautiful! So we love and appreciate artworks when we see them. Last week, we came across a unique artwork, and due to our interest in showcasing talented individuals,we reached out to the brain behind the artwork.

We were so amazed when we got to know that the artist responsible for the unique works, is a young female student who has never been trained for this but she brought the art piece to life with her self taught skills.
Also she made a statement that captivated us, contrary to the general belief that an idle hand is a devil’s workshop, our young talented artist believes, ‘an idle hand is a creative workshop’. Guess what? We love her new definition.

Now relax, and read the exclusive interview we had with the creative artiste,you have a lot to learn from her:

Ololade Lawal
Ololade Lawal

Welcome to Temmy Balogun Motivates, it’s feel great to have you here, Let’s start with you; tell us about your ethnicity, personality , family and education.
My name is Lawal Ololade Adijat, am 21 year old. Am a muslim and a Yoruba from Ogun State, Nigeria.
Am studying Mass Communication in Yaba College of Technology, located in Yaba, Lagos.

Thanks for sharing that. When we came across your artworks, we were fascinated by them, tell us how you started drawing/painting ? Is this what you usually do when you’re free, hence your redefinition of an idle hand?

Idleness led me into painting , which is something I have always had a notch for. My interest for it sparked one lonesome afternoon, and since then I have loved everything about it.
Yes, I do paint in my free time, and that led me to my redefinition of an idle hand.

We noticed that most of your works are body arts, tell us about them. 

Interestingly I find it rather easy drawing on the body than paper or other art materials. Painting on the body is very distinct and it gives painting a different definition, and of course it’s more attractive.

Ololade's Work
Ololade’s Work

Have you gone through any professional training on body painting before now?

No I haven’t yet, looking forward to doing that soon.

It is a general belief that artists are inspired to draw based on their personality or mood, how true is this;are your paintings mood based?

Different strokes for different folks, yeah, mine is mood sometimes, then my zeal or when an occurrence inspires me . For instance when an idea pops or I see a picture of something and just want to replicate.

Do you plan to turn this into a profession while you’re still schooling or later?
Profession ?

Not very sure about that yet, but If God says it’s my way then , I won’t hesitate to go for it.

As a student, does your course of study affect your drawings?
No it doesn’t, am studying Mass Communication, so it’s a creative field.

Are your parents aware of this part of you? What were their reactions?
Smiles, yes my mum is aware, she is a single parent.
But she doesn’t get it just yet, maybe when it starts to generate income she would.


What does creativity and originality mean to you?
Creativity to me is thinking within the box but acting outside the box
Hence the reason I would categorise myself as a makeup artist because everything I have used for my paintings so far are pure make up products, that’s me thinking within the box.
But I use them to paint just anything that pops in my head, not just the conventional thing every make-up artist use the products for, and that’s me outside the box.
Originality to me is having a bit of you in anything you do.

Do you have a role model? With this skill, where do you see yourself in five years?

Oh yes, there are several of them I take cues from.
Five years from now, I would love to see myself as one of the pioneers of body artistry in Nigeria, with a fully established art gallery, solely for body painting.

Ololade's Work
Ololade’s Work

Your advice to youths…
We all have one  thing in us that would make us great, tap into it, don’t sleep on it, pray upon it, and let the sky be the kick off

Thanks For Sharing With Us.

Thank you so much TB for this opportunity.Blessings.


You Can Reach Lolade Through:

Instagram: @law_lah_day

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