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Inspiring! This Triplets Graduated High School With 4.0 GPA

What is better than one success story? THREE!!! Yes, three as the Belchers watch their triplets graduate high school with a grade point average of 4.0. A thing of joy as every parent hopes their child succeeds.

The triplets, Kolby, Sydney and Kendall Belcher took sibling goals to a whole new level last month, graduating summa cum laude from McDonough, Georgia’s Ola High School. In addition to these, the trio already have a year of college credits which they earned through a dual enrollment programme.

The academic brilliance of the triplets did not happen by chance as they have as parents people who, from the earliest opportunity, ingrained in them the importance of having education and excelling at it.

Pictured left to right: Kolby, Sydney and Kendall Belcher; Photo via: Henry Herald

Their parents, Cathey and Cornelius Belcher, started them off early. By four years old, Sydney was reading and she was followed not long after by her brothers.

“They just got better and better each year. Because we started with them so young it was just kind of second nature for them,” Cathey told 11 Alive. “We taught them to work hard and do their best.”

“They were just a joy to have in the class,” said Felicia Courtland, English teacher at Creekside Christian Academy told WFMY news. “I just knew that they would be successful.”

Kendall is attending Gordon State College to pursue a business administration degree and his brother and sister, Sydney and Kolby, are attending Georgia State University to major in nursing and business administration. All three hope to one day obtain a Master’s degree in their respective fields.

In addition to their parents’ encouragement, Kolby, Sydney and Kendall also received support from their teachers and community.

“We didn’t just raise them on our own. We’ve had other people help,” Cathey explained. “We taught them to always give back because others gave back to you.”

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