Inspiring Story Of Man Who Set Up Foundation For Diabetics After Losing Mother, Feet To Diabetes

When life hits us hard, we tend to be unable to see that others are in the same place or worse than we currently are. This is not a negative, it is just how it is most of the time. In some cases, we get out of that bad situation and still do not think of others who are in that place. We are thankful, yes, but we move on with our lives.

That is not true for Ighiwotho Okeghene, who was diagnosed with Type I diabetes when he was just 12 years old, lost eight of his toes, lost his mother, and had to stop his schooling.

Taking to the microblogging site Twitter to share his ordeal, the former student of Obafemi Awolowo University, raised awareness of the need to help those afflicted with the disease, and his creation of a foundation for just that purpose: The Okeoghene Diabetics Foundation (ODF).

He said: “My vision is to create a voice and visibility to everyone about diabetes and its related ailments,and ODF has started by creating awareness in sec schools. I want to go all out to achieve this and I can’t do it on my own,I need your support

Follwo the link in this tweet below. Be warned. He shared quite graphic effects of the disease.

My name is Ighiwotho Okeghene (Oke) & I’m a type 1 Diabetics survivor. In 2012 my story went viral, I thought I won’t survive. BUT I DID & I want to create an awareness about diabetics with myself.
This is my story.
A THREAD!#ISurviveDiabetics

— Oke (@Okeoghenejohn2) June 13, 2018



We condole with him on the pain and loss he has had to endure. Kudos also for being able to look outside of himself and look to helping those who are in his situation too.

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