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Inspiring Story Of 37-year-old Christine Hart With Osteogenesis Imperfecta Who Got Two Degrees

Despite being born with a bone condition called Osteogenesis Imperfecta, 37 years old Christine Hart chose to stay focused now she has two degrees.

The Chicago born single mother  who has been diagnosed  with Brittle Bones disorder, a disease that effects the collagen in the bones making it easy to result in a fracture or break, often times with little to no trauma at all.

Regardless, Christine has lived a rather normal life. She has gone to college and graduated with 2 degrees; one a B.A. in Management and the other a Certificate in Paralegal Studies. She reached her dream of obtaining a career in the legal field.
Christine has worked as a contract paralegal, but she testifies that this wasn’t a walk in a park. While she was an excellent worker, she experienced a great deal of fears from her coworkers.

According to her “I noticed how, just like in college during group projects, everyone was reluctant to work with me. I began forcing myself on others just to gain respect, aggressively engaging myself into conversations only to often become ‘silenced’ by the group leader. With hand gestures in all…I had to show them that I deserved to be here just as well as my counterparts. That, alone with living life in general was a daunting task. While you live with an ‘I don’t care what anyone thinks about me’ attitude, there’s still times when you subconsciously struggle to prove yourself worthy, that you can do it too!”
In spite of her condition, Christine still chose to enjoy all the things people in her age group did, even as she was aging. From catching fun at parties to cruising the streets, to going to the beach; she didn’t miss out on anything. She believes that everyone deserves to have fun and she goes for it; just the way she works really hard.

In addition to doing these things, Christine also has a child; who she loves a lot. She is living the way any normal person of hee age would and she is a real proof that in life, there are no excuses.

Concerning motherhood, here’s what Christine has to say:
” To experience motherhood in its rawness is a blessing that I will eternally be grateful for. The disorder I have comes with many prerequisites, one being empathy, which I believe to be the reason I was able to care for & advocate for my daughter in such intimate & nurturing ways. I’m an intensivist so I’ve been told. I operate on such an intense level, I give my all until I’m all tapped out. The night before I gave birth via cesarean, I wasn’t nervous. Excited yes… But not nervous. I saw it as just another surgery, only this time it would result in the presence of a baby. My giving birth was nothing short of uncommon.”

Today, we celebrate Christine Hart. Christine is strong!!

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