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Inspiring Story Behind DJ Senior B’s Rise To Fame

Ugandan veteran DJ Godfrey Ssekandi Bwire, popularly known as DJ Senior B, who has spent ten years in the African music Industry draws his inspiration from his humble beginnings which birthed the desire to become great.

At age 9, he nursed the dreams of being a pilot, a dream strongly backed by his father who had to undertake strenuous jobs just to make ends meet and ensure that his dreams are fulfilled. Alas, at age 10, his father breathed his last, effectively thwarting his dreams of being a pilot. Left with no other guardian, he was left with his uncle who took him downtown for manual jobs, making him a hustler from primary 5. Undeterred by all these, he struggled to keep his dreams alive by thinking positively.

DJ Senior B
DJ Senior B

After getting a newspaper vending job which failed, he took to herding cows and listen to music as he has a lot of free time on his hands. Gradually his love for music grew so much that he longed to become a professional in it. It wasn’t until his plan to be a dancer failed and he became a music collector that he realised his calling of becoming a DJ. With no trainer, he taught himself the basics by downloading the necessary applications and files.

News of his expertise spread round and his clientele base grew. However, it wasn’t until 2007 that he was unveiled as a professional DJ.

The popular DJ has bagged prestigious awards which have done wonders to his professional profile. He won the Best DJ award in High-skool awards, 2016 and was nominated Etenbbe red carpet awards 2017 as the most influential DJ.
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