Inspiring! Nigeria’s Abdulrahim Is Determined To Meet His Need Despite His Disability

Alot of time we complain about our inability to go for our goals because we don’t have money or we are not capable or because of a disability. There are those, like Abdulrahim, who try to make ends meet in spite of the bad hand life has served them.

Abdulrahim working
Abdulrahim  working despite his disability 

Abdulrahim, a native of Unguwan Dosa in Kaduna state is a physically challenged. He had just one leg and is only able to walk with the aid of crutches. Where others in his shoe would most likely resort to taking alms, he instead has put the rest of his body to use as a road digger.
Road digging is backbreaking work that requires a lot of strength. Abdulrahim is not deterred. He shows up at work sites where he is emoyed, gets the job done and his paid his due just like every other able-bodied laborer there; he pulls his weight with no complaint given nor waiver asked.

He is an example to us all. A personification of making lemonade from the lemons life sometimes dishes out. Disability really isn’t inability. We Thank Abdulrahmin for the reminder.

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