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Innovative! 15-Year-Old Ghanaian Thomas Owusu  Creates Wooden Standing Fan


The innovative creation of a 15-year-old has been flooding social media since his class teacher posted it. The young Ghanaian innovator identified as Thomas Owusu is on a journey to make a name for himself with his talent in crafting. His special set of skills has been put to ingenious use, making a standing fan out of wood and plastic materials that runs on electricity.

Thomas Owusu, who is currently a class 5 pupil of the Bokabo D/A Primary School at Sefwi Bokabo, in the Bodi District of the Western region of Ghana, built the entire standing fan in a space of two days, crafting the wood to fit the shape of the fan and molding the plastic fan blade all by himself. He has already made two of these fans and is hoping to add a few more. Thomas’ parents are both cocoa farmers and he helps them on the farm when he is not in school.

His class teacher, Max Owusu describes him as “a genius, who believes in himself, very positive-minded and result oriented.” In terms of his academics, his teacher says “Thomas is an average student with a strong interest in Mathematics, science, and crafting.” The teacher, who posted his student innovative creation online, is pleading for sponsorship to help develop and showcase his talent and requires many to commend him for his innovation.

Thomas hopes to make other wooden fans that run solely on batteries and says those will be “easier to build.” Thomas has an interest in football, but crafting and innovation come first for him and he hopes to become an engineer in the future.


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