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Incredible! 12-Year-Old, Dorothy Jean Tillman Bags Second Degree, Plans To Get Her Master’s Degree

While other pre-teen or teenagers are busy adjusting to the changes in their body or getting on with the attentions from opposite sex, this particular 12-year-old girl named  Dorothy Jean Tillman, nicknamed Dorothy Genius by her mother was busy studying and excelling.

We find it remarkable and we are excited to report the success story of  Dorothy Jean Tillman who earned her second Bachelor’s degree from Albany, New York’s Excelsior College on Friday, July 13 after completing her associates degree at the College of Lake County at age 10 in 2016. Leaving us to wonder when exactly she entered high school, graduated and got into college to earn her first degree

Her mother, Jemelita Tillman is the rock behind the success of her daughter as she was the first to notice the unusualness in Dorothy. She had noticed her daughter’s love for school when she began memorizing double digits by age three and made an effort to nurture her love for learning. She also added that her child “is one of the greatest” things to come out of Chicago’s south side.


Extraordinary Dorothy also plans to continue her pursuit of a Masters Degree in Environmental Engineering, but first, she wants to take some time away from the classroom before she attains another diploma.

When asked about how she had managed to do excel so well, Dorothy laughed and assured that she was not all about books only and still manages to sketch in time for leisure activities.  She said. “I still have friends and we go to the part and go to the movies”.


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