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Impressive!This Visually Impaired Couple Create Unique Accessories With Beads

Never allow any form of challenge limit you from attaining great things in life, emulate this inspiring couple who although blind use beads to makes bags, lamps and jewelries for sell.

Bridget and James with their  crafts
Bridget and James with their crafts

The couple named James and Bridget Ogunlayi, are making wakes in the bead-making industry through their unique designs in which they make lamps and unique bags from beads, a surprising fact as they can’t actually see what they are doing but can only feel.

A beaded lamp made by Bridget and James
A beaded lamp made by Bridget and James

We gathered that both intellectuals weren’t born blind as Bridget, holds a BSc in computer science from the Nigerian University, NSUUKA and she became blind, as a side effect of a treatment she was given in 2008 while James also holds graduated from the federal college of education(special), Oyo state but lost his sight earlier on when he got involved in an accident in 1993.

This amazing couple refused to accepted their fate and found a way past the condition that would have made them a nuisance to the society by becoming successful beadmakers.

With just their sense of touch, they use beads and wires to make beautiful lamps, bags, jewelries, flower pots and the likes, all in different designs and they can’t even see!

With the desire to work with their two hands, rather than beg for daily bread on the streets, these two have become a source of inspiration not only to other physically challenged people but also to the entire population at large.

We Celebrate You Both James and Bridget Ogunlayi!

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